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Have you been publishing eBooks on Kindle but not making any real money? Maybe a sale here and there and now you are feeling disappointed for wasting so much time on something that is not profitable.

I know how are you feeling. Been there, done that. Learned my lesson. Publishing eBooks on Kindle is profitable but it requires lot of time, dedication and good marketing skills. Of course, without investing any money, you won’t earn to much. This is the common rule that applies to Internet Marketing world and entrepreneurship. The more you invest, bigger the profits. Deal with it!

I will help you avoid my oafish footsteps thinking you can do everything by yourself, starting from writing the whole eBook, formatting it, designing the cover and then, dealing with marketing the eBook until it starts making sales. That’s the wrong approach to Kindle publishing and I will try to show you the good one.

Good approach to publishing eBooks on Kindle is outsourcing. Yeah, that requires spending money, hiring writers, designers, marketers, virtual assistants.. Anyone who can help you save time and make publishing process quicker and way easier.

If you are writer as I am, I suggest you to outsource design of an eBook cover. It will save you lot of pain and you can have beautiful designed cover for as low as $5 (I suggest investing more if you have more money. Quality follows the price).

When it comes to marketing, I believe anyone could do this job and there is no reason why you should hire anyone because beating competition on Kindle is both, fun and easy.

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Let me show you couple of great tips:

1. Polish your eBook

If your eBook is written badly, have numerous grammatical errors and it is badly formatted, it will be a disaster because it looks bad. No matter what information you are offering, you are not presenting that information on a good way. That is why I recommend you to hire a professional proofreader who will help you remove all the mistakes. The formatting process is easier and it can be learned. It takes couple of hours but it’s worth it.

2. Join social networks

There were times when press releases and TV commercials worked in marketing an eBook. They are replaced by social networking, blogging and email marketing. So follow my advice and take use of these three in your marketing strategy.

3. Get reviews

Amazon promotes quality content. Quality content has numerous positive reviews. You get positive reviews, Amazon will do all the promotion instead of you. Having one or two positive reviews won’t do a lot but it will help. Having 10-15 reviews will make big changes though.



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