The big, popular question. How to motivate yourself when things are not going the way you want? I was studying this problem for years and I was amazed how many quality information I managed to gather in all that time. My main problem was: I was at the computer whole day trying to earn money. That is very wrong approach which led me to not succeeding in every task I tried to do right.

This post will be for all of those who are having troubles motivating themselves but also, only for those who are in Internet Marketing business. I believe they are the ones they need really lot of help and I’m going to focus on problems you may experience if you are doing Internet Marketing.

The big difference is having a regular lifestyle with a job that involves connecting and socializing with more people, taking movements from one place to another, talking to other people in work time and having an Internet Marketing lifestyle.

When you are in this business, getting demotivated is happening all the time. You just need a little bit of distraction and you will easily lose focus.

That is why I decided to gather the methods and approaches I developed through years that were keeping me motivated and focused all the time.

Pay attention because I’m going to drop some wisdom that you will need for sure.

1. Rest enough

Without having at least 8-10 hours of sleep everyday, you are going to get depressed and tired soon enough.

Where people make mistake about sleeping enough?

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When you are starting in IM, you will find out that you are not having enough time to do all the tasks you want to do which will result in thinking: ”I will cut off few hours of sleeping and get all the things done in a required time”.

Bad thinking. This never resulted in more work done. When you cut off few hours of sleep and have only 5-6 hours of quality sleep everyday, I’m pretty sure your productivity will get lower, you will be tired all the time and you are not going to get all the stuff done again.

I developed a system that is working for me. I always go to bed at the same time, sleep 7 hours, wake up at the same time, get lot of things done, take an afternoon nap (usually an hour or two), and that’s it. Pretty easy, right?

2.Take care of yourself physically

Sitting whole day will make you weaker and also, more nervous. So you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself physically which means eating healthy and training hard.

I usually don’t eat lot of sugar or drink Coca-Cola or having snacks between meals. Those were the things I couldn’t resist before but I find out they were keeping me from being fit and healthy.

I also go to the gym very often and I do it always before dinner. Lifting weights or running is helping me in reducing stress levels which is really important if you are having an Internet business your life depends on.

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But these are all the things that were helpful for me. My recommendation is that you find out what will work for you the best.

3. Going out with friends

Socializing with other people. Crucial! If you glue yourself to the screen for a week and never go out, you will get nervous and depressed soon enough which will again result in doing less work.

Finding a balance between going out with friends, having a girlfriend and running an Internet business is extremely important. If you manage to do this, I’m sure success will follow.

As you can see in this post, I included the strategies and methods people easily forget when trying to motivate you. Having a normal lifestyle is crucial in succeeding online.




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