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At the moment there are not many people that are getting pay rises at work. In fact there are a lot of companies that have frozen pay for years or even longer and it can feel that you are being hard done by because prices are going up and your salary is not. It could therefore be the right time to think about how you are going to negotiate a pay rise at work. This might be an area of fear for you or you may think that it is not worth trying but if you follow the tips below you may be surprised at how successful it can be.

Before you start negotiating with anyone it is worth thinking about how you can show that you are worthy of a pay rise. You want to show people that you put in a lot of effort, get good results, behave in a professional manner and do more than is expected of you by always being willing and helpful. You may need to do this for quite a while to really show that you are worthy of a promotion. You may even need to do it for a few months and you want to make sure that it is noticed as well. This can be difficult to balance as you do not want to do it off in a showing off manner, but you want people to be aware of your behaviour. Try to be as natural as possible if you can and do not go too over the top or else you could start to really annoy people.

You then need to find out what the process is for getting a pay rise. You may know this already but you will need to check up on it and follow the process properly. Make sure that you prepare though, do not just go and ask for one. Explain why you think that you deserve one and make sure that you are truthful about your attitude and achievements. Explain what you are willing to do in order to improve even more and work for the pay rise, even if that means putting extra hours.

It can be hard approaching the boss in this sort of situation. You may feel nervous and perhaps would rather talk to them over the telephone or by email. However, it is not wise to do this because it may not come over well. Face to face will enable a better conversation and you will make sure that you have their full attention as well.

If there is no rise available then it could be worth asking whether there is the opportunity to do any overtime to earn some extra money that way. You may not have the time available to do this, but if you do it is worth asking. Even if there is nothing available immediately, it will not only show how keen you are, but may mean that you will the first person to be asked if the opportunity does arise in the future. Alternatively, you could look for a promotion and see whether that might come with a pay rise attached to it. This could be difficult in some circumstances as you may have to wait for someone to leave and make a space available but you may be able to move to a different department and so it could be worth asking about opportunities.