image courtesy of Philippa McKinlay
image courtesy of Philippa McKinlay

If you are going abroad and need to exchange currency, then you may think that it is just simple to get some cash at the airport. However, it is wise to understand all of the possible options so that you can get the best possible deals. You can end up spending far more than necessary on your holiday money due to fees and exchange rates.

Credit card
Using a credit card is an easy and convenient option. Most people have a credit card already, but it is worth looking around before you go. You may find that you can apply for a credit card which has much more favourable rates when you are abroad. Some charge more for foreign transactions. Also make sure that you tell your bank that you will be using your credit card abroad as they may think they are fraudulent transactions if you do not normally spend money abroad and cancel the card. It is wise to repay the balance in full in order to avoid the interest charges.

Cash from travel agent
High street travel agents have a cash exchange service. The rates of these will vary and it is worth comparing them before you get the cash out. Cash is less secure than a credit card as if it is stolen you have no come back. However, it can be more convenient in some circumstances it is essential as not everywhere will accept a credit card. You do not want to be in the situation where you have to use your credit card to withdraw cash abroad as that will be very costly. Having cash will also help you to stick to a spending budget.

Cash at airport
Buying cash at the airport can be one of the most expensive ways to get money, especially if you do not order it first. Therefore make sure that you are well prepared and do not leave it to the last minute to get your cash.

Prepaid card
It is possible to use a prepaid card abroad. This can be a cheap option and more secure than cash. These can limit your spending as you choose how much to put on them before you go. However, they cannot be used to pay for everything, so it is worth checking before you go and make sure you have the funds for all things that you need.

Debit card
You need a specialist debit card if you want to use it abroad. This may mean that you will have to change banks as they are associated with a current account, unless of course you happen to be with a bank that has one. It will mean that you make cash withdrawals abroad with no charge. However, if you just use a normal debit card then you will be charged for using it abroad and every time that you use it. This means that it can be the most expensive way to spend money abroad.

Find the best money rates

Before heading to a new destination, you would want to have the necessary currency for it since not every country goes well with either euro or dollar. Currency rates differ from place to place and the best way to make the most out of your initial money would be to compare travel money and read reviews.