Image courtesy of Marlon E
Image courtesy of Marlon E

Many people love bingo and like the chance to win some money. However, not everyone likes to pay to play bingo or wants to pay for every game. It is therefore worth knowing that there are many free bingo games out there that you can play and some of them even have prizes that can be won.

A free bingo game can be quite hard to find as there often seems to be a catch, perhaps that you have to pay for a minimum number of games before it allows you a free one, so it is important to check. You might be happy with getting free games this way, but be sure to check whether you have to play a certain amount of pay in a certain amount of money or what you have to do in order to earn a free game. Also check the free game to see what the prizes are, how many people play and therefore what your odds are of winning.

There are bingo sites which are completely free but they offer no prizes. This makes sense as if you do not pay to play, there is no cash to use to fund the prize. However, many people are not motivated by a game like this and only want to play if they can win a prize. However, if you just like playing and do not mind about the prizes then these can be the right sites for you. However, if you do want a prize when you play then you will have to look harder for the right site for you to use.

There are some bingo games that are funded by advertising that have prizes but you do not have to pay to play them. They are likely to have much lower prizes as advertising does not pay so much money as people paying to play. You may have to search hard to find these though. It could be worth trying a search engine, but the popular pay to play bingo sites will be likely to come up really high on the search engines. Therefore you may need to do some digging around. Make sure that your search terms are really specific to try to get a better chance of finding them there. It could be better to look at chat rooms, message boards or forums on the subject of bingo to see whether anyone is talking about sites. Bingo review sites may be useful as well to give you some idea of where to find the free sites.

If you are prepared to pay a bit of money, then playing some free games is very much easier. Often sites will match your deposit as long as you put in a specified amount of money. You will then be able to buy twice as many bingo games and therefore getting half for free. You may also get other sorts of bonuses if you join a new site which could include free games.