Image courtesy of Marlies
Image courtesy of Marlies

Some people find it really difficult not to procrastinate. It can be due to a number of reasons but often because they are daunted by having so much work and do not know where to start or because they are unconfident in their abilities to successfully complete a piece of work. Below are a few tips on how to get round this problem.

Start off by making a list of all of the jobs that you need to do. Then mark by their side when they have to be done by so that you can start with the most urgent. If they are equal then start with the one that is the hardest so that you can get it over and done with. Make sure that you as for help with thinks that are difficult for you as there will always be someone around that can help you or give you some moral support. As you work through the list tick things off and you get a great sense of achievement working through them. Keep remembering that the sooner you get them done, the sooner you can relax.

Of course, in theory this is all well and good, but in practice it is starting that first piece of work that is really hard. Therefore make sure that you have the right attitude. Mae a drink, go to the loo, make any pressing phone calls and quickly check your email. Then spend an hour just working on that piece of work. Try to do nothing else but concentrate solely on it. Just for an hour. Try not to answer a phone, look at email, talk to anyone or do anything else but think about it. Once you get started on it, you should find that it is easier to continue doing it.

Another problem can be completely finishing something. It can be hard to just tie up those odd loose ends and get it done. However, you will not be able to tick it off your list until it is completely finished and so do everything that you can to do so. It will not take long to add those finishing touches and you will feel really great once you know that it is done, sent off and crossed out.

You may find that as soon as you start you get distracted by more interesting things that are going on. It can be good to arrive at work really early so that you can get a lot done before anyone else appears or work late once they have gone home. This can help to eliminate distracting colleagues and is likely to be something that you can agree to do with your boss, particularly if you work flexitime. It is also wise to only check email a few times a day, if you can get away with it and wear headphones to block out distracting office noise and conversations. If you are doing something particularly urgent you could always put your phone onto voicemail so that you are not disturbed at all. If you cannot change working hours, then you could book a meeting room for a few hours and get on with it there all on your own.