Have you been thinking about publishing an eBook? If yes is the answer, then this guide will be something you need to read.

There is so many self-published writers out there who have chosen Amazon as their publishing platform because Amazon is extremely easy to use and it is a great way to become a well known writer, earn money and attract huge audience.

What makes it great is KDP Select program that is specifically made for Kindle self-published authors. KDP Select program gives you the opportunity to market your eBooks with ease and no marketing and sales skills. That is why many people choose to publish eBooks for Kindle and sign up to this program.

Few facts you need to know about KDP select program:

  • Exclusivity- If you decide to enroll eBooks in KDP select program, you commit to publish it only on Amazon Kindle and nowhere else. Amazon takes exclusive rights to your eBook and has strict rules against publishing it or giving it away somewhere else.
  • A ninety -day cycle- If you decide to go with KDP Select program, your eBooks will stay there for at least 90 days. After 90 days you can choose whether to continue or not.
  • A lending library- Amazon has a program where Prime customers can borrow one eBook a month for free. If you enroll in KDP program, your eBook will be listed for Prime customers and you shall receive royalties every time someone borrows your eBook.
  • Free Promotions- In a ninety-day cycle you will have an option to give away your eBook for free in order to promote it more. It’s a benefit that Amazon provides to you and you will have up to 5 days of free promotion.
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How to promote eBooks after you enroll them with KDP select

Your free days are limited to only 5 so you better use them smartly. I’m going to suggest you couple of ways you can use to maximize the number of downloads and reviews you can get in those 5 days.

Social Media

Don’t be a fool and think Social media is not for self-publishers. World changed. Everyone is on social media nowadays. That’s why you need to be there too. People are delighted when they get a free eBook so why not spice things a little bit. Invest $50-$100 on Facebook ads promotion and you can get thousands of downloads in one day. It will payoff later, trust me.

Send out an email

While this usually requires having an email list (which requires running a website), you can also buy an email list if you are new to Internet Marketing world. Even if I usually don’t recommend this because there is extremely low number of honest sellers out there, I still think you can find someone with a huge and real email list that will help you speed things a little bit.

Ask for reviews

There is no reason why you can’t ask your friend to leave a review on your eBook. Amazon has no rules against that so feel free to ask your friends and family to help you.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to publish ton of eBooks on Amazon Kindle platform for KDP select program and earn some real money


To your success!


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