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Have you ever wondered how some of the worldwide best bloggers managed to work their path to success? Well, one thing is sure – they weren’t successful from the very beginning. Still, there are some really useful tips and tricks that you can use, as well, in order to quickly increase the number of visitors on your blog, and so get an extra income! All you need to do is to stick with us and note down the next few steps we have prepared for you to find more about how you can promote your blog using giveaways!


Check your niche

Since most of the readers are on your blog due to the fact that they enjoy the niche you are covering, it is utterly important to create a giveaway that suits it perfectly. For instance, if your blog topics concern fashion, looking for accessories of that type will surely get your readers attention and will turn your blog from a once in a while accessed one into an every-day accessed blog by every single one of the readers. On the other hand, if you are usually writing about travelling, you will surely not be that likely to host a hair dye colors instead of looking for travelling tickets.

Look for collaborations

Nowadays, there are numberless companies and small online shops that are dying to increase the number of visitors they get every day. Since they are also in the known of the fact that one of the best and quickest way to get better traffic is by collaborating with a blog owner, from this point you are starting with an advantage. Also, many of them are sharing two products instead of one, so another benefit is that besides promoting your blog, you are likely to receive the same product used for the giveaway for personal use (for free!!).

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Turn the social networks into your best friends

Another major aspect when thinking how to promote your blog using giveaways is the promoting itself. Even if your blog will become renowned after the giveaway, first you will need to show it to the world – unfortunately, there are very few chances to get new readers due to their searching on Google! Still, Facebook and Twitter are only two of the most accessed social networks that you can easily use in order to promote your giveaway.

Create a short, yet understandable and easy-to-follow list of requirements

Any giveaway is created for a reason, and as a blog owner you should be the one to win more. In this case, make sure to note down the priorities, such as liking your personal blog page, sharing the giveaway through social networks, but on top of that – set a period of time to finally choose the winner. On this point, you may say that closing a giveaway after a month from starting it may be the best way to gather more readers. Still, none of them will enjoy waiting for so long and knowing their chances are getting down. If your blog is still a small one, make sure to set a period of maximum a week or two, so that your readers will gladly enter it. After that, you will be able to come up with any requirements, but first respect your readers’ time and attention!

These being said, if the steps mentioned above are taken into consideration when looking for ways to promote a blog, there’s no doubt the outcome will be the one expected. Who does not feel good at the thought of being the winner from hundreds of other participants?

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