Hello, in this short article I will try to explain how to publish your articles from Word 2007 to WordPress blog.

Since I’m not using Word 2007 I will try to show you using some screenshots that I found online.

So, let’s start.

Publishing WordPress articles using Word 2007

Once inside the Word 2007, click word icon on top left side, choose publish – Blog.

word 2007

After that, click on Manage Accounts and register your blog account, choose WordPress and then add site url and your details: username and password, the same is for Word 2010:

050209 1005 publishingb23


021116_1603_1 3.png  1353×761

And that’s it, after that just publish your post, click on publish draft and after that just go to your wp admin panel where your posts are and choose post that you published from word:


All these photos are from different sources but the principle is the same for both word 2007 and 2010.

Happy publishing and let me know in the comments if you need any more details.