Image courtesy of Osrin
Image courtesy of Osrin
If you have pets, then you will be aware that they cost money. You have to buy them, pay for somewhere for them to sleep, buy food and possibly bedding and toys. Then there are the vets bills and the costs of repairing any damage that they cause to your home. However, there are some ways which you can cut your costs and they are described below.

Vet insurance
The cost of a vet can be one of the biggest expenses that your pet will give you. This is likely to be dearer if you have a larger animal. They will need regular care to prevent some illnesses but if they are unwell or need operations then the costs can be extremely significant. Therefore it is wise to consider getting vet insurance. This will allow you to spread the cost of the care by paying monthly premiums rather than paying a lump sum. Like all insurance, it is a risk. You have to consider whether you would be better off putting some money aside each month rather than paying a monthly premium.

Cheap food
Some pet food can be considerably more expensive than other types. However, there may not be that much difference between the different types. Some pet owners say their animals will not eat cheap food. However, if you start with cheap then they will not know any different and also if you persevere with it, they will eat it eventually.

Keep them fit and fed well
If you work on keeping your pet healthy then they are less likely to get certain diseases. This means that you should make sure that they get the exercise that they need as well as the right food. Many pet owners are tempted to feed their pet left overs and other human food because they seem to like it and it saves waste. However, this can make animals overweight or even ill.

Avoid kennels
Putting your pet into kennels can be extremely expensive. Some owners even say if they take a holiday for a week and put their pet in kennels then the pets accommodation costs more than theirs. It is much better to find friends or family to look after your pets for you and you can still give them a thank you gift but it is likely to be significantly less expensive than the cost of putting them in kennels.

Pet sitting service
If you really like animals, then it could be worth considering running a pet sittings ervice. You could look after other people’s pets while they are on holiday or walk their dogs while they are at work. You could charge them for this and make some money out of the fact that you have knowledge about those types of animals. It will not even be much more difficult than looking after your own animal.