Your investment can either be risky or profitable. All forms of investments have risks but you must always do your best to reduce them regardless if you are investing for short term or long term. The following are four tips on how to reduce risks in stock investment.


  1. Find a Company with Good Competitive Advantage

For stock trading, you must find a company with good competitive advantages in the economy. You will have to take a look on the earnings of the business to determine its competitive advantage. You also have to  take into account other happenings in the company such as economy problems, bad management and fraud. You need to find a stable company that will yield the same profitable earnings every year. Examples of such companies are Google and Apple. It is easy when coming to buy stocks from the top performing companies. If you want to buy stocks from other companies, it will be more difficult.


  1. Avoid Companies with High Leverage

You should avoid companies with high leverage as they can increase your risks of losing money. Many traders like to invest in companies with high leverage because it allows them to obtain a much higher return. Although this is true, it can also cause you to lose a lot of money when the economic situation is not good. When choosing a company to invest in, make sure you review its balance sheet to find out whether it is in debt. It is best to invest in companies that are not having any debt.


  1. Don’t Pay Too Much for a Stock

To avoid losing money, you must avoid paying too much for the stocks. Stocks is a volatile investment as they rise and fall in the market every day. You should only buy stocks with reasonable pricing. It is recommended that you invest in the stock in long term. When you hold onto the share for long term, there is a chance that it will give you a higher returns.


If you don’t have enough money to buy‘real’ stocks you can try trading binary options. With binary options you just have to predict the movement of the prices and you don’t have to buy the stock. Brokers that accept paypal are usually the best way to get started with binary trading.




People who invest in stock dividend will get paid with dividend even in a bad market condition. You must not easily become emotional whenever you see an up or down in the stock as this is a common situation. You should try to invest in high quality stocks as they have low volatility. In order to invest in top quality companies, you must first understand its worth.  It is easier to determine the worth of a big company that has a good balance sheet and minimum earning risk than a company that is not doing well.


  1. Add a Variety of Assets to Your Portfolio

You can also reduce the risk of stock investing by diversifying your portfolio. Your portfolio should include a variety of assets such as stocks, bonds, index funds, fixed income funds, mutual funds and etc. You should regularly add to your investment portfolio. You can use the dollar cost averaging technique if you have limited capital to invest. This will offer some protections on your investments in case your asset performs poorly.



In conclusion, reducing the risk of your investment portfolio can help you to maximize your returns. You should focused on companies with a healthy growth. You have to be patient as it will take some time for the stocks to reach a good value.