Image courtes yof softness
Image courtes yof softness
It is a well-established fact that having children can be incredibly expensive. There is no way that costs can be avoided altogether but there are some ways that you can make sure that they do not get out of control.

Work/Childcare Balance
If you both work, then having children can cause a financial burden with regards to the lost income of one person. If they do keep working then there are childcare costs to factor in instead. This can make a huge difference to how much money you have available each month. It is therefore worth considering in advance what you might do. It could be possible for you to both work part time or do some days at home in order to mix childcare with work. You may be able to have a grandparent or family member look after the children. You will have to decide whether you are happy with a child minder or grandparent raising your children or whether you would rather be available all of the time and sacrifice the income as a result. It may be possible to do some freelancing work that could fit around the children’s nap times which would bring in some money and help a bit.

Plan in Advance
It is really important to plan in advance. Consider how your finances will change over the years and how much money you might need. Think about saving money so that things are more affordable when you need them. Although you will not be able to pay for everything from some savings, it should help to start with, while you are getting used to having less money. There are also quite a lot of things to buy at the beginning such as cots, prams, car seats and clothing, which can cost a lot of money and are a big expenditure all in one go. It is also wise to work hard to put some money aside each month so that you can afford to pay for expenses that children will bring over the years such as school uniform, birthday gifts, beds, holidays and things like that. Getting into good habits of spending less can really be worthwhile.

Not Giving in
As your children grow up they will begin to ask for things. They will see things advertised on the television, see things that their friends have and want the latest trends and fashions. As nice as it is to be able to spoil your children and buy them nice things, you need to be sensible. Make sure that you do not give in to every demand that they make of you. Once you start doing this, they will be able to become more and more demanding so that it will get harder to say no. Not only will this be really expensive for you, it will mean that they will not understand that it takes time to afford to buy things and that they cannot always have everything that they want.