Image courtesy of Vincent Anderlucci

If you enjoy going out in the evenings, you will notice how much an evening can cost. The cost of food and drink can add up and then there is the entry to clubs, cinemas or theatres depending on where you are going. You could easily spend hundreds in one evening and so it is worth thinking about whether you can cut this down.

If you are going out to eat regularly, then it is worth considering whether you should be going to cheaper places or eating out less often. Restaurants and even pubs and take aways can be expensive and it can be worth considering whether you are prepared to pay that much. If there is a group of you and you split the bill, this can work out expensive too as people will all have as much as they can so that they pay a share of what they eat, rather than paying for more than their share. It can be better to just pay for your own and only have a limited amount so that it is not so expensive. You could also try sharing meals, sides or things like this to keep the costs down. Alternatively you could take turns with friends to cook for each other.

Drinking can be really dear too. Try to think about how much you are having and whether there is a way to lower the cost. You might be able to switch to a cheaper drink or cut down the amount of drinks that you are having. Perhaps having a soft drink between each alcoholic one could reduce the amount that you spend. Some people will have a few drinks at home, which will be cheaper and mean that you will not have to buy so many when you are out, although this will only work if you do buy less when you are out.

Entry to places is difficult to reduce, but you might be able to find cheaper places to go to or buy cheaper tickets if you purchase in advance or have seats that are not quite so good. Perhaps waiting for films to come out on TV could be cheaper or buying them on DVD. If you watch at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week it can be cheaper and so it can be worth looking out for those tickets.

Taxis can also be a big expense for evenings out and if you are with a group of people it could be cheaper for one person not to drink and to drive the rest around to save everyone money. Taking in turns will mean that no one misses out. An alternative is to go to places which are within walking distance and then there is no need for transport or for driving.

Another option is to go out less often. This may not feel like it will be much fun. But you may actually enjoy the nights you do have out better because you appreciate them more as they are less frequent. It may seem a bit boring, but could be worth a try.