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Running a car can be really expensive and many families now run two cars which means that they need an even higher car budget. However, there are ways that you can keep the cost of running a car down.

When you buy your car, it is worth being extremely careful. You want to go for a manufacturer that is known to be reliable and buy something second hand but not too old. This will hopefully help you to get a car that will not need lots of repairs. If you are not good at knowing what a good or bad car looks like then it is possible to pay someone to look at a car for you to judge whether it is worth buying. This can be worth the money if you are not sure. Buying from a dealer or car sales garage with a good reputation could be a good way to also know that you are buying something decent as these places have a reputation to keep up.

Buying a fuel efficient car can make a big difference. There has been a trend for big people carriers or sports cars but they are not efficient. This means that you are not only paying extra in fuel, but you also could end up paying a lot more tax on the car as well. You should be able to find out roughly what mile per gallon the car should do which will help you to decide.

Finding a good price for your insurance can make a big difference as well. Make sure that you compare different providers or use a broker to help you to find the best deal. You want to make sure that you are not paying too much, but also that you are getting good value for money. Some cheaper insurances may not provide the cover that you want so it is wise to check the terms before you sign up to anything.

Making claims on your insurance will make it go up. Therefore only make a claim if it is worth it. Consider whether it is worth making smaller claims considering that you will lose your no claims bonus and you will be charged higher premiums in the future as a result. You could also increase your excess so that you cannot claim on smaller amounts and this is likely to reduce the amount that you are paying out.

Driving efficiently can make a big difference to the cost of the fuel that you use. It is worth finding out the best way to do this. Sudden and fast acceleration and braking can be less efficient. It has also been found that driving at 50mph is the most efficient speed with regards to petrol use, but obviously you need to be in a situation where it is safe to do this. It is also wise to only use the car when completely necessary so try to walk if you can.