Image courtesy of Vyacheslav Bondaruk
Image courtesy of Vyacheslav Bondaruk

We all know how important it is to keep fit, but it can seem that it is rather expensive. Gym memberships, training equipment, exercise DVD’s etc all add up in cost and then we use various apps or wearable technology to track our progress as well. If you do not have much money you may feel like giving up before you start or you may not feel that you can sustain all of the costs that go along with a healthy lifestyle.

It is worth taking a step back and remembering that we used to be fit decades ago and had none of these things. Gyms were solely for professional bodybuilders or athletes and all the fancy technology either did not exist or was too expensive for most people to buy. It was rare that people took time to exercise as well, because they kept fit working around the home, walking to work etc. Therefore, it may be possible for you to be able to change your lifestyle so that you can keep fitter without having to pay out so much money.

Consider getting rid of your gym membership and walking to the shops instead. You will get two jobs done at once, use up less time than you would if you shopped and went to the gym but still be keeping fit. You could sell your exercise machine or weights that you have at home, which you probably do not use and buy a good pair of trainers for walking in. You could stop buying all of the fitness technology and just time your walk to calculate roughly how far you have done. Most people do a mile in ten minutes. If you are active in the home, doing chores then this counts towards your fitness goal, so a 30 minute walk could be enough to get all of the exercise that you need.

If you like exercise classes or the gym, but cannot afford to keep going then it could be worth investing in some DVD’s or equipment to have at home.  This will take an initial investment, but if you think that you will use them regularly, then it could end up being a lot cheaper and a good alternative to the gym or going to exercise classes. You know yourself whether it is something that you will stick to It could be easier to exercise at home than having to go to the gym but you may have a routine where you go at lunchtime or after work and changing that may mean that you are unlikely to do any exercise. Obviously you need to be sensible about it and decide what will work for you personally.

It can be difficult to change your daily routine, but if you are serious about saving some money but still staying fit and active then you should be able to get into some different habits. It could end up saving you a significant amount of money.