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The dental profession can be rewarding and intriguing. However, becoming a working dentist takes a lot of hard work, and often money. If you’re a dental student, then congratulations for getting in! Now that you’re learning, wouldn’t you like to make sure your personal finances are as solid and ordered as possible? Here are some pointers you can use in order to save money, both during your education and afterwards.

As a dental student, you’re likely to study in a large, and possibly expensive city. If you haven’t already, make sure to find some roommates. This way, you’re able to split your rent, utilities, internet and so on. You probably have no shortage of student friends. Ideally though, go for people in the same dental class as you. This has some practical advantages outside of finance. Your classmates will make sure you get up on time, for one! You’ll also be able to test one another when exams are approaching. Having synched-up timetables is extremely useful for a student residence. It’s a guarantee that you’ll have a quiet apartment when it’s time to cram for exams. You also won’t get on anyone’s nerves when it’s time to party!

My next tip is to look around for scholarships, grants and other “free” sources of income. There are a lot of methods for dental students to get hand-outs, so do some thorough research into any scholarships you might be able to apply for. You can find details on many scholarships and grants at Applying for these isn’t quite as simple as setting up an email account. In fact, a lot of the applications require essays upon essays of details. Whether you do a mediocre job on a lot of applications or a great job on a few, don’t let scholarships pass you by. It may be a long way off, but make sure you’re insured when you start your practice, as well. Neglecting this can end careers with one little accident! Go to for some more information.

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Finally, get a job. Becoming a qualified practitioner takes a lot of time. However, as a dentist-in-training you have access to a range of jobs which are usually closed off to your average student. You might want to participate in a few research studies being run at your dental school. If you’re in your third or fourth year, then try getting qualified as a dental hygienist. This does cost money, but will look great on a resume in the future. The work will also be a little more up your alley than serving fast food! You can find out more about dental hygienist work at

Hopefully, these tips have made your financial situation seem far less daunting. It can be tough out there, especially in your student years. Things can always be made easier through wise spending and outside help. If conditions get especially hard, just keep reminding yourself why you’re a dental student. When you’re qualified and working, this will all be a distant memory!


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