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Saving money can be easy if you try to find ways on how you can make and create everyday items from the existing things that are around you. By getting your hands dirty, going organic, or scouring for deals online you may just be able to save enough cash that can give a little extra to save up or spend at something else. If you have a cute pet or a green thumb that’s itching, here are five ways on how you can save money on five everyday items.


Plant your veggies

You can never really tell what type of chemicals and additives have made its way to the produce section of markets and groceries near your area. If you want to eat the freshest food, we recommend starting a little garden where you can plant and harvest vegetables and herbs that you can use in cooking your meals. Planting your own vegetables also ensures you that no chemicals and harmful substances are present in your harvest.


Make soap dope

Instead of buying expensive soap, you can easily create a soap of your own. Just like planting your own garden, making your own soap allows you to put exactly what you want on the product that you are going to use. You can find a number of DIY soap recipes online. You might need some extra time and gear to make it happen, but learning how to create soap not only saves you money, you can also turn it into a lucrative business.

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Get rechargeable batteries

If you’re working with wireless items that suck up batteries, we recommend buying rechargeable batteries. Why waste money by buying commercial battery brands when you can save up the dollars that you’re bound to spend. Using rechargeable batteries is also helpful to the environment because it lessens the amount of e-waste that can harm our dear mother nature.


Coupons for canned goods
Check out your weekend newspaper and cut out some deals that you might find handy. Some canned goods are available in low prices. The portability and shelf life of canned goods makes it an ideal source of energy if you’re lacking the energy to prepare are proper meal. They might be unhealthy, but canned goods sure taste good. Who wouldn’t say no to 2 for $1 that can only come from couponing?


Go online for pet needs

Majority of the best deals around are found online. If you are looking for vet supplies for your beloved pets, you can always user Google Shopping’s ability to find you the best deals for the product that you are looking for. There are also a number of deal websites that offers some of the best products for your pets. Vet supplies tend to be on the expensive side, but finding the right deals online can definitely save you from the headache of bills. Purchasing high quality pet care products can also assure you of a happy and healthy pet that you can play with and cherish for years to come.

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