Image courtesy of Hugrakka
Image courtesy of Hugrakka

When you have children everything seems to suddenly get more expensive. One thing that can really add up is their hobbies. If they go to clubs, want certain equipment or toys and need to go to different places it can be so expensive. There are a lot of things that you can do to bring the cost down though and below are a few ideas.

If their school runs clubs at lunchtime or after school these can be a lot cheaper than going to other clubs outside of school, so it can be worth encouraging your children to do these. So look into this and see whether you can find them something suitable that will not cost too much money. Also compare the prices of different clubs as you may find that they vary a lot depending on the venue. You may find that if you travel a bit further, you will be able to find a club that is a lot cheaper. You may also be able to convince them to do a different club which is a bit cheaper for you.

Buying equipment can be expensive as well. Some hobbies need lots of different things and some can be really dear and you have to have all of the right things to join in properly. If this is the case then make sure that you check for second hand items. You should find that there will be a selection available either in second hand shops in your town or online. There are many websites that sell second hand items and even some where you can get them for free, so it is well worth taking a look before you buy new things. It can also be worth outing a shout out on social media as you may find friends who have items their children no longer use that could be perfectly suitable.

If the children just need things to entertain them, then you could try going to the book or toy library. They will be able to borrow things and you will not have to keep buying new things all of the time. This can save you a lot of money, particularly when they are younger and will prevent you from buying those things that only get played with once and then forgotten. Even going to toddler groups, youth groups or friends houses will allow them to play with a range of different things and may save you having to buy them if they try them out there first to decide whether they really want them.

It can also be good to ask willing friends and family members to help with the expense by buying items for the children for birthdays or Christmas or contributing money towards them. If they child really enjoys the hobby then a gift towards it would be very welcome and could help with the expense of it and help them to enjoy their hobby even more. You may feel cheeky asking but many people appreciate a hint as to what gifts to buy.