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Saving money is a big priority these days, especially for those with big families. More often than not, fun family days out are put on the back-burner due to their reputation as an expensive luxury. The truth is, days out with your children don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they are undoubtedly one of the best things that you can spend your money on. The trick is knowing where to spend and where to save when it comes to family adventures.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite family day out ideas where your cash flow is irrelevant. All you need to worry about is remembering to bring your camera to snap your day of fun!

The National Trust

Single parents, you have a friend in the National Trust. For a family, annual membership, you only need to spend £45.37, if you’re a first-time member. Families comprising of two adults only have to pay £72.75.

This gives you access to year-round entertainment; all you have to do is jump in your car (or on to local transport). From ancient castles to beautiful stately homes and their gardens, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s also a great opportunity to teach the kids some history!

The Garden Centre

You would be amazed at how entertained children are around a garden centre. With a vast space to explore, pretty plants, play areas and aquariums, they can enjoy themselves while you pick out some shrubbery for the yard. Finish off the day with tea and cakes – you have a cheap hit on your hands.

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Charity Shopping

Going around the charity shops to find new clobber can be a bore, but if you enlist the help of your kids, it can turn an everyday task into a fun day out. Ask them to find clothes they like in each store, and when they do well, award them a sticker. Your money is going towards a good cause and you’re kitting out your ever-growing kids.

Hop On The Train

There are so many interesting places to see in the UK, and they’re all just a train ride away. Save 1/3 on your fare and 60% on the kids’ with a family railcard. It’ll cost you about thirty quid, but you’ll make back that money easily, if you choose to use public transport instead of the car.

Picnic In The Park

It might sound boring, but if you put the effort in, a picnic in the park can turn into a great day out; especially if the weather is fantastic. Pull out all the stops with outdoor games (frisbee, bowls, badminton…) and make a feast worthy of a King!

For any adults present, take a bottle of wine, but bring your kids’ favorite drink as a non-alcoholic option. Fresh baguettes, cheese, crudités, salad, fresh fruit and cake – there’s not much else you need to make a glorious picnic.

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This post has been contributed by Zoe for Knowsley Safari Park. Looking for memorable days out in England with your little ones? Treat them to a safari park visit for a day they’ll never forget!

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