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Buying furniture can be a stressful affair. Prices are stiff and availability of what you want is not always immediate. Meanwhile, you are living in an empty house and stressing about what to do next.

Do not break the bank. I repeat, do not break the bank to furnish your house. Instead, follow these five simple steps to furnish your home AND save money.

Avoid 0% offers

Retailers love to use this gimmick. Mostly because so many fall for it. They offer 0% interest on a complete set of furniture, so the deal looks good. Furnish your home all at once and then pay over time. Win, right? Wrong.

These offers usually have the entire cost of financing built into the amount you are paying, including some hefty markups. So, while on paper it says 0% interest, you are paying a pretty penny for the deal. Avoid these deals like the plague.

Rent instead of buying

You need some few pieces of furniture immediately. Yet you have not decided what to buy. Instead of sleeping on an air mattress on the floor as you decide, why not rent some furniture instead?

Companies like furniture rental provide you with this option. Instead of paying a ton of cash upfront, such companies only ask for a small amount of cash every month. This way, you can take your time as you find the best furniture deal.

Buy used furniture

Honestly, new furniture is overrated. If you find someone who has taken good care of their furniture, you can get some good pieces at a fair price. Look for estate sales, flea markets and the like to score some decent quality furniture at a fair price.

Another alternative is to look for something that can be repaired easily. If all a fabulous piece of furniture needs is some sanding a new coat of gloss, go for it! Used furniture can help you save money and find some pretty unique pieces too.

Go for quality, not quantity

You have a 4-bedroom house to furnish. You need several pieces of furniture to fill up these spaces. While you may be tempted to look for the cheapest furniture and buy everything at once, do not. Cheap is always expensive.

If you have furniture that is constantly breaking down, you will have quite a bit of buyer’s remorse to deal with. Instead, look for quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Or as the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.

Pursuing a minimalist style will create a classier, more luxurious environment than cluttering up the space with low quality furniture.

Buy slowly

Tying back to the previous point, do not rush the process. Buying furniture is a major investment. Not just in money but also in time and convenience. Shop around, ask around, do your research, understand the skills it takes to pick good furniture. Go the whole nine yards.

This will save you time, money and headaches down the road. Buying slowly also helps you organize your funds so you balance your purchases in a way that does not strain you financially.

Getting that piece of furniture you love at just the right price is a joyous occasion. On the other hand, breaking the bank to furnish your home can lead to bitter buyer’s remorse. Take time, save your money and furnish your home just the way you want to.

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