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Trying to save money but finding it hard to get the money together? Are you demoralised by the constant expenses that pop up and finding yourself without a plan? This is such a common complaint and yet there are ways around this kind of saving paralysis – and it can start with some really common and simple household tasks. Lots of us will go to the supermarket or store without a list. While it’s great to say that the best way to save is to get a term deposit and put money aside regularly, you can also get started right away in the home. Do any of us realise how much the simple act of writing a list can actually save us some serious money? The act of being prepared and planning for your week of meals ahead can also really help you to save money. This is a quick little guide about how to save some money in one of the most day to day ways.


Step One: Plan out your shop. If you know what meals you’re going to be having for the week ahead you’re going to find it a whole lot easier to plan your list out. Pick some favourite meals – ones that freeze well as well so you can have leftovers – and make a list based around them. Also, make sure you plan for packing your own lunch to take to work or school.


  • Making a list before you go and head off to the shops for your weekly groceries will quickly start to save you huge amounts of cash. Having a list will guarantee that you just end up buying what you need and don’t succumb to the impulse purchases that supermarkets like to thrive on.
  • In one trip, buy all that you will need for the week – no more, no less. The less times you set out for some groceries, the less likely it will be that you’ll be coming home with something you didn’t actually want or need.
  • Plan to shop for 60 minutes or less. Attempt to race the clock when you shop so you don’t spend a lot of time meandering around and just grabbing things that look interesting.
  • This is a classic and yet we all still do it! Plan to head out to the supermarket for your shopping not long after you’ve eaten a meal. Everything will look less enticing when you’re shopping on a full stomach. On the off chance that you happen to find yourself wandering the aisles with a growling tummy and you end up doing your shop when you’re ravenous, you’ll end up with a trolley full of snack foods. Top tip: go and buy something to eat – the money you spend on that sushi roll will be saved ten-fold at the checkout!
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Step Two: Be a shrewd consumer. When you’ve gone to all that effort of making a shopping list and in setting out for the grocery store with your full tummy and your head on right, don’t throw it all away by falling for the marketing and merchandising that they want you to fall for!

  • Look at special items, and compare weight by weight or some other comparable item of measurement. Often, companies will spruik the amazing price of an item, but it will be a product that contains half the amount of a comparable brand right next to it. A savvy shopper will always get the best dealt, even it means spending a little more on the first purchase.
  • Buy own brand – but only when it’s good quality stuff. There’s no point buying own brand items (overly sugary white bread, anyone??) over the really good stuff – but things like water crackers or staple items are fine to go own brand for.



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