Image courtesy of eltpics
Image courtesy of eltpics
Many people worry about how much they spend on their mobile phone but less are concerned about their landline bills, but these do add up as well. Calls can be more expensive than you might think, particularly if made at peak times and to mobiles or foreign countries. Therefore it is worth seeing whether there are any ways that you can cut down.

Do not have one
Some people decide not to have a landline at all. This means that they forgo all of the cost of the line rental and calls. Most will use their mobile phone instead. It is worth doing some maths to work out whether this is a good deal or not. It will depend on how much you use your mobile phone and whether you get a good deal from your provider. It is also worth considering whether many people call you on your landline as they may object to paying more to contact you on your mobile.

Inclusive calls
Some landline deals include a certain amount of calls. It can be worth looking at these to see whether they are worth paying for. Even if you only make a few calls, you may find that it will be a cheaper way to go. Take a look at your last few bills and add up how much you spend on calls and compare that to the inclusive price in order to work out whether you will be better off this way.

Broadband/phone/TV package
It can be cheaper to get a bundle including a TV package, broadband and landline. Obviously it is only worth it if you will use the additional services, so do not sign up to a TV package that you will never use, for example. Think about what you have already and how much it costs you and then you can compare this to the cost of bundling it up.

Use comparison website
It is always worth taking a look at the prices of other providers to find out whether you can get a better deal. Obviously some people may be limited, for example if they have a listed building and cannot get planning for a satellite dish or aerial or if they can only get access to fast broadband through one provider. However, most people will not be this limited and they will be able to compare providers to see which has the best deal. A price comparison website is probably the best place to compare them.

Limit Usage
Another way to reduce the bill is to use the phone less. It could be worth thinking about when you use the phone and how long for. Certain times of day are cheaper to call than others and so you should find out when this is and see whether you can change when you call people. It is also worth thinking about whether you can spend less time on the telephone in order to reduce the cost that way.