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Whether you have one or lots of children, you will not fail to notice that they quickly seem to grow out of clothes. It can almost seem a never ending challenge to keep them kitted out in everything they need, both for when they are at home as well as at school. However, there are some ways that you can keep the costs down.

It is relatively easy these days to find second hand clothes. Whether there is a second hand rail being sold by the school PTA or you choose form local charity shops, you should find a good choice. Even if you are not completely keen on second hand, it is worth getting some back up school items, as they will lose things and you can easily wash things through a few times to make sure they are properly clean. You may even find brand new items with labels still on, if you are lucky.

It can be wise to not buy too many outfits for the children as they will not use them for long so you can buy baby and children clothing in wholesale. Consider whether they will be able to use the coat and shoes that they use for school at the weekends as well. Chances are they will outgrow them before they wear them out so a couple of extra days a week of wearing them will make little difference to the amount of wear but it will save money. Also consider how many outfits they actually need. This depends on how often you put clothing into the wash and how often you do a wash load. You will probably find that you will need to change their clothes at least daily, particularly if they are boys. If you wash regularly you may only need two or three outfits for daytime and a few for night time.

If relatives and friends ask what the children want for birthdays and Christmas, ask for clothes. This will save you having to buy them any and it will mean that you can save that money. They may even be given brands that you may not have been able to afford to buy them. Alternatively, if they like buying clothes for themselves, then they could ask for money and then go shopping.

It is worth being aware of prices, sales and value for money when shopping or clothing. Buying clothes that last a long time is really great for value for money. However, if the children grow out of them before they wear them out and cannot hand them down to another child in the family, then it is better to buy cheaper items. They may not last well, but they should last long enough to be good enough for the child to wear until they grow out of it. It is worth being aware of when sales tend to take place and if you can, but reduced clothing at that time. Even if the things are a bit big, you can put them away until they will be the right size and save some money.