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save money on honeymoon

It’s easy to sideline the honeymoon, while fretting over the wedding plan. But leave it to the last moment, and you’ll pay through the nose for your post-nuptial getaway. As the wedding budget blows out of proportion, you may have to pinch a few pennies to cover your honeymoon costs. Read on for some easy tips on how to get a wonderful honeymoon for less.

Try Travelling Off-Season

For some countries, travelling during the off-season does mean heavy downpours and tropical storms, but there are areas in the world which specialize in ideal weather all year round. Do your homework online or talk to a travel agent. You can enjoy some of the nicest climates on the earth, and avoid the tourist hoards too!

Try to be as flexible as possible. Obviously, you’ll want to rush off to your holiday venue immediately after your wedding, so try booking your honeymoon before you set the date. You’ll also get large discounts for booking early.

Shop Around

Don’t go with the first travel agent you find. Shop around online for the best deals. You’ve found an affordable price? You can probably find it for less somewhere else.

Ditch The Presents

Ask your wedding guests to put money towards your honeymoon fund, instead of providing presents – that solves both the poorly-picked gift problem and your holiday expenditure in one fell swoop!

Short And Sweet

Although it’s tempting to lie on a beach for ten days, if you cut down your holiday time, you’ll save yourself money. That doesn’t mean your honeymoon has to stop there! Come back early and spend the rest of your time treating each other at home. Doing your favourite things together can be more romantic than topping up your tan.

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Cook For Yourself

All-inclusive does sound tempting, but if you cook up a storm while you’re on your honeymoon, you can cut down your holiday price. Take this as an opportunity to try new things! And if you hit the local markets, you can enjoy the best fresh produce you’ve ever tasted, right in its home country.

Sleep Cheap

You don’t need to shack up in the swankiest hotel available. Choose something very modest and basic. Hopefully, you won’t be spending your time in the hotel room, but you’ll be enjoying everything the destination has to offer. Obviously, you won’t want to sleep in the digs, but a simple bedroom should suffice. You’ll be spending all your time on the beach anyway, right?

Talk Loudly About Your Honeymoon

Okay, so you don’t have to announce that you’re on your honeymoon everywhere you go, but if you can, slip it easily into conversation – this sometimes pays off. Restaurants may go out of their way to give you better tables or you could even get a room upgrade! Nothing is guaranteed, but it’s worth drawing attention to the fact that you’re newlyweds, just in case.

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