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Are you already planning a big party for the New Eve? Do you feel that it is just around the corner, waiting for the party animals to get off their minds? If so, you are definitely in the known of the fact that this thing means new clothes and… new spendings. Still, the New Eve comes just once in a year, reason why paying for an unforgettable outfit is a must and a delight! In case you want to find out how to save up to $100 bucks on this spending, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading – you will be amazed of the things you could do!


Design of the Dress

Believe it or not, the design of the dress can help you save a lot of money! Of course, when heading to a person specially designed and delegated to make you look flawless, you need to have the material from which he or she will design your outfit. Ask him which one to get, and look it up on the Internet – you wil be amazed to find that the price is slightly lower than the one you would find at his workshop!


Time to Shop

This specially designed time of the year is the right time to spend lots of money! When wanting to save money on these things, timing is precious – go ahead, it’s October – the right time to start shopping for your outfit, the right time when the prices are normal and not overrated, as they will start to be from the first of December! Once you hit the right outfit, the price overall wil be slighlty lower with up to $100! And let’s not talk the heels talk, those that will have their price so increased after two months from now on!

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Coupon Codes

Well, who has not at least once in their lives, bought something from the Internet? In case you did (and I am sure you did) or anyone you know, the online shops are usually these kind of friends that help you do some things – they give you these coupon codes, specially designed for the next purchase. You could have up to 30% off to anything you want from that site, and the New Eve is the right event on which to use this code! Go ahead, book it up and see which dress would fit your best night of the year!


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