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Do you find it difficult to sell? What if I tell you that there’s a way you can make anybody on the face of the earth buy anything from you even ( if it’s a pant, lol). The best thing to do to grow your online business  as a salesperson is to master the craft of selling.

I’ve been running some online and offline businesses for some time now, and my biggest problem is… I just can’t sell.

In fact, I can’t face someone for the first time and tell him or her to buy my product or services. Can it be that I’m too afraid? Well, if you say so. I’ve worked as a freelance writer for top SEO firms, hosting firms that provide hostgator coupon for hosting, and even six figure marketing companies.

I’ve seen CEO’s of this firm, skyrocket the profit of their companies from 60 to 120% and I’ve also seen some, who just don’t know how to sell.

 Let me tell you something you don’t know, selling is an act.

It’s something you must learn to do especially as an internet marketer or salesperson. Like i said earlier, I’ve been given the opportunity to work for fortune 500 firms, and one thing i notice in the attitude of these  successful managers, is that  they’re just too good at selling. In fact, they can sell you a damaged sandal for hundreds of dollars ( yeah, I’m serious).

Your business is not growing because you’re not doing your best to make it work. It has remained the same way it has been for  years because you don’t know how to sell ( you’ve got to learn it).

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Being able to market your products or services is the ultimate  key to run your business perfectly. If you think you’re too big to sell or you don’t like to go on the streets to sell, you will fail ( big time).

I don’t want you to fail, neither do i want your business to fold up. I want you to prosper and succeed in your business. And I’m going to share some tips with you, that will make you sell any of your product or services to anybody.

These tips are time tested, proven, and guaranteed to produce results.

Let’s get started.

Celebration After Sale – Scene from the movie: Love and Other Drugs

Step 1#:

Get  ”them” to feel

How would you feel if someone appears from ”planet space” and tells you the things you fear and love most? You’ll be surprised, right?

You need to be a  ”prophesying alien”  to your customers ( Lol, just joking). Your customers have their fears and passion ( in fact we all have) but the truth is, we don’t feel them all the time. Tell them the fears you believe they have and how you can help them with it.

Let them know there’s nothing they have to worry about.  Make them calm through your words and tell them in front of their eyes that they’re as important as your business

Step 2#:

 Don’t be too forward– don’t talk, get them talking

You don’t need to be too forward. Why can’t you just exercise patience. The biggest mistakes most online business or sales people make is doing the talking alone. Don’t do the talking alone, get them talking. Make them ask questions.

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Make them talk about the things they fear, their passion and how they’ll love to live a free life. Make them talk about the things that wakes them up  at night and the things that makes them sad.  I assure you, that if you  make them do all this, you will gain control over their emotions and make them do anything you say ( don’t tell  ”them” i told you).

Step 3#:

 Offer them the ultimate solution- your product or services

Yeah… offer them the solution.

Once you feel in your ”inner man” that the customer has a fear or passion you can do something about, take up your mantle and start talking. Talk about your services or product and how it will help reduce their fears and make them live a wonderful life.

Step 4#:

 Paint a vivid picture ( if you don’t know how to, do this).

Tell them how wonderful, convenient,  amazing and successful their life will be only if they get your product. Tell them the benefits of using it and how it has affected your personal life when you first came across it.

Step 5#:

Believe… if you don’t believe, you can’t get people to believe in you

If you want to be a successful sales- person, you have to believe in your product.

Don’t paint a negative picture of your product or services. Believe in it even if people don’t like it.

Remember, you can’t convince someone to do something unless you, you believe passionately in it.

I hope I’ve been able to help with the tips i shared with you in this article.

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Don’t be scared, start today…

Don’t be scared. Don’t ask yourself, what if they don’t buy from me, what if they harass me, what if, huh? Don’t do that. Instead, start selling today and with time, you’ll see that selling is the simplest thing to do.




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