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Since you’re reading this, you probably wrote an ebook  or you are planning to write and publish one. But you don’t know how to sell it on your blog. Well I’m going to tell you about tool that you can use to sell your ebook directly from your blog. It’s easy to setup, it’s free and you will keep the most of the money, and that’s what every online writer wants, to sell more ebooks and to keep the most of the money.

I plan to keep this post very short and to tell you directly what this tool is and how it can help you to sell more ebooks and to keep most of the money. Actually this website takes only 5% per transaction, no  other fees or costs. I almost forgot to tell you that there are couple of very famous website that are using this tool, and they are selling their ebook directly from the sidebar of their blog.

How to Sell Ebook on Your WordPress Blog and Keep Most Of the Money

The tool is called a Sellfy, it’s a website that can help you to sell your digital products, more than just your ebook, but music files, softwares etc…

All you need to do is to upload your product with them, set your price and get buy now button, After that you are ready to add that button to your blog and you can start making money immediately.

In the admin dashboard you have all, tracking tools ot track your sales, your affiliates and even your discounts. You can offer a discount after tweet or like, yes that’s true, every time when someone likes or tweets about your ebook, they will get discount that you set.

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Only 5% per transaction is takes from your account, which means that you will keep the most of the money and you have all in one package to use.  All you need to do is to add your paypal account inside the admin dashboard. They will take care for security, sales, tracking, providing people with download url and more, so you can concentrate more on your existing or next ebook or product.

Basically you get paid directly into your paypal account, no waiting, no fees, just you, your readers and your ebook.



Who is Using This Tool?

First website that I noticed is using this tool is 1webdesigner, he is selling his “Web Designers Ultimate 3 Book Bundle” using sellfy, right from the sidebar.

Then guys from jadensocial, they are selling their ebook on “how to market your music on twitter”, you can find it down a bit on the sidebar.

Also great guy Onuora from windows8update, is using sellfy to sell his ebook called: “Windows 8 – 50 Questions and Answers you need to make a decision”


There are many other great writers and online entrepreneurs who are using sellfy to sell their ebooks, it’s just the best tool online right now. This tool is not only for wordpress blogs, you can use it on your custom designed website or blog, don’t wait a second, sell your ebook and make money online.


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