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Are you wondering why your blog sales page don’t convert? Are you wondering why people don’t respond to your offer well? This has everything to do with the way you present your sales page. The way you write it will determine how well people will respond to it. If, despite your effort, you still have difficulty to make decent amount of sales from your blog, then there is definitely something missing on your sales page. It is the storytelling element. This is the X factor that will help you to sell more products on your blog. Here are some tips to harness the power of storytelling to improve your product sales.

  1. Start Your Sales Page With A Story

The only way to make your sales page interesting from the start is to start your sales page with a story. Preferably, you should start your sales page by telling your readers about your personal story. Telling them your personal story will help them to build personal relationship with you immediately. And this is good for you, because it will allow you to access their emotional mind immediately. It helps to build your credibility from the start. By telling your readers a story at the start of your sales page, you will be able to keep them glued to it to the end (where they reach the Buy Now button).

  1. Put Some Dialogues And Conversations Within Your Story

Don’t just tell your story by describing the situation to your readers. It would be boring for them. You have to tell the story that has a lot of dialogues and conversations in it. In other words, you will not write your story in the style of a documentary movie (by only giving your readers the description about the event). You will write your story in the style of a drama, where there are a lot of emotional ups and downs within it. This will make your story even more interesting to read, since it has interesting plot and it will immense your readers into the story and allow them to experience it directly.

  1. Create A Good Story That Your Readers Can Relate Instantly
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It will not be good if you can’t create a good story for your readers. In order for you to be able to create an effective story that will mesmerize your readers and motivate them to buy your product, your story needs to be compelling and relatable. What does it mean? For instance, if you are selling weight loss product on your blog, it won’t help your sales page at all if you are telling your readers a story about a kangaroo who is fighting against the hunter to save his family. But, if you are telling your readers a story about a teenage girl who has an extremely low self-esteem due to her weight problem, and how she can finally overcome her problem, then this story will certainly touch your audience’s heart and motivate them to buy your product.

  1. Don’t Just Tell Your Story On Your Sales Page

You have a blog, remember? Make storytelling your blogging habit. You shouldn’t just put your story on your sales page. You should put your story on your blog posts as well. You need to have a unique writing style when you tell your story and make your readers feel comfortable with it. It will help you to train your storytelling skill along the way, and of course, this is a good skill to learn to help you to succeed with your blog. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to saturate your blog with your story, though.

  1. Your Story Must Have A Conflict And Resolution

And remember, telling your readers a story for the sake of filling your sales page with story will not cut it. Your story have to be genuine. It must have a clear conflict and resolution, since those are the most important elements within your story. You shouldn’t write a boring story without any emotional spices at all. The purpose of your story is to trigger the emotional response of your audience in order to persuade them strongly toward buying your product. The presence of conflict and resolution within your story can certainly help you to achieve this goal.

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When you follow those tips, you will be able to add a storytelling element on your blog sales page, which will help you to make more sales for your product.


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