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There are many ways to monetize a blog. One route is to use programs like Adsense or place affiliate links on the website. However, another option is to start selling physical products, transforming your personal blog to an eCommerce powerhouse. To make this transformation, you’ll need a customer-friendly layout, a solid product to sell, and a secure online payment gateway. Having a product to sell allows you to control the advertising on your site and start to build your brand more effectively. Yet successfully selling products on your blog will also require you to continue producing fresh content for your readers. The following are a few tips to keep in mind as you make this transition.

Conduct Market Research

If you’ve already built up a steady readership, you’ll want to focus on who this audience is and what they need. Some of your readers may already feel loyal to your brand and automatically buy your product as a result. To grow a business, however, you’ll need to reach beyond your initial audience. You can reach out on discussion forums related to your product range, to find out what similar products are selling and why they are so popular. Finding out more information about your competition and potential audience will help you focus your marketing efforts more efficiently.

Create a Convenient Checkout System

When adding new features to your website like a shopping cart or checkout system, it’s best to use software that can link your blog with several different payment gateways. There is also POS software that can be used in person should you want to sell your products in local markets or during in-person demonstrations, which links to your online inventory system. Security, convenience, and user-friendly navigation are all vital to encouraging sales on your blog.

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Reach Out to Other Bloggers

To grow your audience, it’s helpful to use the power of the blogging community. Guest posting on other related blogs is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and share what you have to offer. These can include links back to your own website. Some blogs may even allow you to directly advertise or sell your products, although you may need to return the favour. Reach out to blogs that have an established audience and some form of authority in the industry for best results.

Use the Power of Internet Promotion

Free samples, discount vouchers, and trial periods are all traditional ways to lure in a customer base. You can use social media accounts to publicize these offers, including Twitter and Facebook. Spreading your new brand across as many related channels as possible will help broaden your efforts to drive traffic back to your blog and the products you’re offering. Encourage your audience to sign up for a mailing list and to add you as a contact across these social media accounts; and you can benefit from the power of online promotions.

Using your blog to sell products offers a unique opportunity to expand your customer network in an organic way. You can communicate directly with potential clients, listening and responding to requests as you grow your business.


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