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How to Stretch your Travel Budget

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For how many times did you decide to cancel a holiday abroad just because it was over the budget? I know for sure that most of us have interfered with such a harsh and not appealing at all experience, yet the key in here is to start overcome it by any means. In the next few lines you are about to learn some key steps in order to stretch your travel budget regardless of age, location or state you wish to visit, so that in the next few years you will be able to say you have visited more than half of the entire world! Stick with us and keep on reading the next few lines!


  1. Skip Hotels

Instead of paying an arm and a leg on expensive hotels, try better pay less on comfort and more on what you really need in a lifetime. Make a short calculation and you will see that you spend, in average, when being abroad to travel, less than 8 hours per day in the hotel room! It means that you should not pay so much on things you do not take advantage of as you should, so, why not re-prioritize those things for your best?


  1. Go for Public Transportation

Believe it or not, the public transportation for travellers is the best thing you could ever decide to take up when being abroad! Not only are you able to spend less than ever, but you will also try that specific taste of that country you tried so hard to visit! So, the next time you go abroad, switch to the public trasportation and let the rental cars away from your priorities. In addition, use the cupons every country has for travellers to save some money!

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  1. Travel at night

Not only you get to see the country in the dark, but you will also travel cheaper, faster (since at that hour is no trafic jam)! Make sure to check this modality out to do what you most love when being abroad – travel and see the most beautiful parts of the world in just a short period of time. Let sleep away, take your best half next to you and start discover the best out of the rest! What are you still waiting for? Have you already set up your next destionation? If I were you, I would have already done that!

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