Image courtesy of Steven Depolo
Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

If you wish that you could spend less money, but are not sure how, then you can find out here. You may have debts that you want to pay off, want to be able to put some money by as savings or just want more money available at the end of the month, whatever the reason, you should be able to achieve it. It is important to keep the reason in mind though because it will help to motivate you when you feel that you would like to spend some money.

It is important to have a figure in mind as well. Consider how much you want to reduce your spending by so that you can plan accordingly. You may think that the figure is not important, but it will actually help you to focus on the task if you have a specific figure in mind.

You will need to start noting down all of the things that you spend money on. You could look back at previous months spending by looking at bank statements and receipts but it could be easier to start fresh as you are unlikely to have records of all cash purchases. You can start cutting down right away if you wish to or you can wait a month, look at what you spent and decide where to cut down.

There may be some things that you spend money on that you can get for less money without making any noticeable lifestyle changes. You may be able to change your insurance company, utility suppliers, branded items and things like this. If you can switch where you buy things and not notice a big difference, then you can easily save money and it will just take a little time. You can use comparison websites to help you to find out whether you can save money on things like this.

It can tend to be luxury items that are more difficult to cut down spending on. Things like new clothing, eating out, luxury foods, travel, holidays and home improvements. These can be really expensive but things that are really enjoyable and so if you give them up you can feel like you are not having so much fun in life. This is where it is important to keep focussed on why you want to stop spending so much money and think about what means more to you, having the instant gratification now or saving the money and having it to serve the purpose that you want it for.

It can be easier to take things slowly and just try cutting down spending in certain areas step by step. Cut out things that you can easily do without to start with and this will help you to get used to spending less. You can then slowly reduce spending in other areas as you start to enjoy having more money and it will encourage you to keep going until you are able to cut back in many more areas as well.