Art and business may seem like polar opposites, and in many ways they are. Art in it’s truest sense is all about the free expression of an individual. It is something that is done simply because the artist has to – they have ideas, concepts, beliefs or feelings that they must get down on paper, canvas or even film – whether for themselves or for the benefit of an audience. Business of course, is about making money. But these two seemingly disparate approaches can meet – and indeed, must meet if the artist is to have a chance of getting paid to do what they love. Here are two key steps artists should take to promote their work.

Social Media

To be a contender in any form of artistic endeavour these days, you must be connected via social media. As much as true artists may abhor the idea of shameless self-promotion, it is an essential step if you are to make a consistent living from your work. Through Facebook, Twitter or any of the other popular social media sites, you can gain a substantial following for your work, promote your online sales (presuming you have a website, which you should) and advertise any upcoming exhibitions.

Stage A Career-Defining Exhibition

Exhibitions are still the only true way to engage with an artist’s work. A website or Facebook page displaying your work is very important. But is nothing quite like the experience of coming face-to-face with the original artwork. And if you’re really trying to push yourself as a financially successful, full-time artists, staging a career-defining exhibition is a sure way to do just that. The volume of work on show is very important, but naturally you’ll also need a big space in order to house it. Larger, established galleries are ideal, though the fee for using them can be expensive. It many cases, it’s easier (and cheaper) to find a smaller, niche gallery and encourage them to extend their space with a Neptunus outdoor exhibition marquee.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Promoting your art in order to make a living is by no means selling-out. No doubt everybody on this earth has hungered for the opportunity to get paid for doing what they love the most. So follow the advice given here, and you’ll ensure that you don’t miss your opportunity.