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Since the latest Google algorithm update, one of the oldest and best driving traffic technique is moribund. Lot of people who were using blog commenting as a way to drive traffic to a website practically gave up and move onto other methods. I’m always being realistic and honest; this method doesn’t work like it worked before.

Why is that the case? 

People start abusing it. I started seeing spammy comments everywhere I go. Some of the ”SEO experts” were submitting thousands of comments on a daily basis for their clients in order to rank their websites higher. That pissed of everyone over at Google and they decided to stop leveraging blog commenting as a way to rank a website.

But that doesn’t mean that blog commenting died. You are still able to submit a comment on almost every website you used to. It’s still a great way to get some initial traffic and develop relationships with other bloggers. It is also a great way to approach influencers in your niche and get attention on yourself.

However, doing blog commenting and regulating it on your own blog can be a tough task sometimes. In most cases, you will need to struggle through spam to get attention on someone else’s blog and you also need to clear spam from your own in order to see people who really want to interact.

These are some common rules related to blog commenting:

  • Person who interacts must have a ”real name”. Spammers usually use anchor texts and you get comments from person named: ”pet shops Virginia”. That doesn’t sound right.
  • Avatar picture of person who interacts needs to look real. Not a placeholder.
  • Comments need to be thoughtful and provide some value. Simple ”thank you” or ”good one” are pure spam.
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By setting up some basic rules, you will be able to get better comments on your own blog and you won’t need to struggle with spam. And you should also follow up with this rules on other blogs. You should never spam anyone or comment only to gain a backlink. Rather comment to interact with a blogger as he can become your regular visitor in the future.

How to find popular blogs for commenting? 

This is one of the easiest tasks for me but I saw lot of people struggling to find places where they can interact. The Technorati top 100 websites is a great place for the start. In most cases, list is updated regularly with top blogs where spam is not allowed and you will be able to interact with an owner really easy.

I hope you will implement blog commenting as a part of your marketing strategy.


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