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E-commerce is fast becoming the preferred mode of shopping for not only end users but also B2B buyers and distributors. With IT companies offering customized technology solutions to retail and wholesale businesses, SMEs are spoilt for choice when it comes to employing the right software solutions to automate and streamline their various business processes.

From machine learning to inventory management to purchase and procurement to sales order fulfillment, modern-day business solutions are intuitive and scalable—the key lies in finding a system that addresses the specific needs of your business and is also affordable and easy to integrate with your existing processes.

If you have a budding e-commerce business that you want to take to the next level, automating your key processes is an important step in that direction. It not only helps startups achieve greater efficiency and day-to-day productivity but also supports expansion and growth. Here are four technology-based solutions that can help you achieve your e-commerce success goals.

Smartphone and tablet apps

It’s true that any business today can get an application made for a small price. What separates successful e-commerce apps from the rest, however, is the user experience the app offers. Great design, responsive interface and ease of use are key features of successful e-shopping apps. If you have an e-commerce site that you want to make more accessible to your present and potential customers, get an experienced web developer team to build a shopping app, which will allow you to establish a greater connect with your customers and also enable greater brand retention.

With your app always present on a consumer’s cell phone or tablet, they’re more likely to explore your shop and make a purchase.


It does not matter if your operations are not large enough to employ chatbots for consumer interaction. If you can afford it, that is, if you have the funding to employ the latest technology-based solutions that can enhance customer experience, then do it as soon as possible. E-commerce today is as much about user experience and query resolution as it is about a consumer finding the right product at the right time at a price they’re willing to pay.

With big data and artificial intelligence taking the e-commerce industry by storm, chatbots have evolved tremendously since they were first introduced, and they can help you avoid a lot of customer angst that comes from dropped customer service calls, long waiting times, and the general lack of patience in the modern-day online shopper.

Chatbots take your customer service to the next level and enhance your brand’s relationship with the consumer, who’s not willing to make any compromises when shopping online.

Social media selling

While most small-scale businesses believe that social media marketing is all about maintaining and interesting social media pages, today machine learning has taken social media selling to an all-new level. By integrating your online store with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can not only boost sales but also build a robust revenue stream by encouraging what is known as social sales. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram allow sellers to fully integrate their e-commerce websites within the platform, thus dramatically increasing leads and the possibility of successful conversion.

If so far you’ve been social media passively, it’s time to utilize this powerful medium to connect with potential customers and bring them to your online shop. If your site offers them exceptional user experience along with great products, you have a winner.

At the backend: Intuitive inventory management, procurement and sales order management systems

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs relief on paper trails to carry out and record key business operations. Today, regardless of the size or scale of a business or the products it deals in, companies are looking for advanced technology-driven solutions that can automate their inventory, purchase, sales, vendor management, customer management and financial processes in a manner that eliminates or greatly diminishes possibility of error and wastage.

That said, not all process management systems are made equal, so when trying to upgrade your operations, look for a system that takes away the major pain points of your current processes. Any new software system should be able to seamlessly integrate your existing backend processes and should also be flexible enough to adapt to your growing business and sales volumes.

With advanced Purchasing & Procurement Management Software taking care of your purchase processes, you can rest assured and focus on the more critical aspects of your business, such as marketing and expansion.

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