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Do you use Twitter for gaining traffic for your blog or your website?

Is your Twitter marketing plan successful?

Do You have a plan for NFT Twitter Marketing?

NFT Twitter Marketing is a great way to connect with potential customers and create a buzz around your product or service. By using Twitter to promote your NFT, you can reach a broad audience and create interest in what you have to offer. Additionally, Twitter is an excellent platform for engaging with customers and building relationships.

If you are still not leveraging Twitter as a source of traffic, you are losing a lot of potential customers. You might want to take a fresh look at what Twitter can do for you in terms of traffic. Here is a few of my observations related to Twitter as a potential source of traffic.

Twitter uniqueness 

In this big Internet world full of social media websites, Twitter is an unique network that is used by millions of people world wide. Twitter falls in the category of unique traffic tools that is mostly used by marketers, business owners and customers. It has some similarities to other popular networks (Facebook, G+, YouTube) but differences are something that makes this network unique.

  • Facebook- Tweets are only 140 characters long which is like a shorter Facebook status update. However, when you tweet, you are going to spread it to all of your followers, unlike on Facebook where there is filter of EdgeRank.
  • Pinterest- Most of the people are not using images in tweets even if that is possible. Many of those people doesn’t know that images can attract more traffic to a post. What makes Twitter better than Pinterest is an easier way to interact around a post than on Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn- Differences among these two networks are really important for today’s marketers and business owners. LinkedIn is based on trust relationships while you can use Twitter to follow anyone.
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Why you need to use Twitter? 

  • To present your brand– When Twitter was rising up in 2006. almost no business owner decided to create a business profile on this network. However, Twitter start getting bigger and bigger and by 2012. there was 500 million registered users. Today, in July 2014, 8 years after the creation of this network, there is almost no business owner that doesn’t have a business profile on this network.
  • Building an audience- When building an audience on Twitter, you need to know that numbers doesn’t mean much if the audience is not targeted. You may have millions of followers but if they are not interested in what you have to say, than you are just wasting your time.
  • Spreading the message- You have some important news to say about you or your company? Twitter is the way to go if you want to spread your message around.

I hope you will start leveraging Twitter as a source of potential traffic in the future.


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