Image courtesy of Tom Brandt
Image courtesy of Tom Brandt

Many of us throw a lot of things away. This can range from food scraps and kitchen rubbish to objects and items from our home that we no longer want. There is money to be gained from some of the things that we throw away though and it can be worth thinking before getting rid of anything.

Sometimes we get rid of brand new things. They may be gifts that we have been given that we did not need or clothing we bought and never wore. It is surprising how many things we can get like this. Some people may choose to donate them to charity, but others may just hold on to them. Selling them can be one option to get money from them. You could use online auctions or social media to sell the items. If you do not want to risk those that gave them to you seeing that you are selling them, then you may want to try something else. You could regift them, pass them on to other people as gifts, they will never know that you did not originally intend them to be for them.

If we have a clear out of clothing, it is good not to just throw these away. Again it could be possible to give them to charity, but there are companies that will pay for clothing too. You can sell them by weight, if you have a lot of them or sell individual items on auction websites or social media. If you have a lot of mixed items you could have a care boot sale or garage sale to try to raise some money from them.

If you throw away a lot of food waste, then you could consider composting it. Although it is not as simple as just putting it all into a compost heap, as some will not break down so quickly as other things, it can save money in buying compost and help your garden grow better. You may even be able to sell some of it, if you make a good quality one.

When you get things like paper, packaging and even any cardboard, it is worth thinking before throwing it away or recycling it. You may be able to reuse it and then you will save money in buying some. If you post things out then saving envelopes to reuse can save money. Cardboard is great as packaging, both when giving gifts as well as posting things. Reusing wrapping paper may seem a bit old fashioned, but it can save lots of money. If you carefully remove the tape and fold it, you can use it again even if it is just for family presents. You can even use magazine pages, particularly if the content is relevant to the recipient. You can also use comics for children’s gifts and even find tutorials online to make gift bags out of newspaper. There are lots of hints and tips online as to how to make boxes or bags to put gifts in, which can be really helpful. You can always iron the paper first if it is crumpled, it just needs a low heat and you can press it under a tea towel to make sure it does not burn.