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Living in Moscow, Russia and making a living blogging? Getting the money is, as far as I know, a harsh experience for you. Well, it actually was, until Payoneer thought at all of us around the world who find it hard to get the virtual money on time, on cash. Now, it follows a strategic path to you, which I might recall, is useful too! Stick with us and see among the following lines the tips&tricks guide to learn how to withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer Card – worldwide used way of receiving money, Paypal knows it at but Payoneer does what Paypal cannot!

What is Payoneer

Unlike Paypal, Payoneer is not only an online service but quite a bank itself – not literally, but it works with cards. Once signed in, Payoneer sends you a mastercard credit card (at home) based upon your personal data/information which gives you the opportunity to withdraw your money at any ATM, everywhere in the world! It is a truly genious strategy, since when being abroad or living on certain spots on Earth, money is critical to being able to be withdrawn.


The withdrawal from PayPal to Payoneer is extremely simple. Just us any withdraw you might make from PayPal, after connecting your account to the data found on Payoneer master credit card, the process is two clicks left. After receiving your money on PayPal, click on the Withdraw button you will find on the upper side. Next, follow the instructions and select your Payoneer card to be able to get the cash on hands, in less than 3 days! Make sure not to count the weekend days, since then the bankers do not work. I got frustrated for some days after realizing that weekend does not count!

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Why should I have Payoneer if I am not living in certain places?

Do you enjoy travelling? Do you do it more than often? Well, trust me… you would not enjoy lacking money and not having the possiblity to get your money on time! Fortunately though, Payoneer really knows the deal and helps you make withdrawals at every time of day or night, especially from PayPal. I am not saying it is a must, but it is definitely a go-pro for the ones who want to be in control of everything (especially of their lives). The choice is up to you – but if I were you, I would know that another card in my wallet won’t hurt anyone.


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