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It’s the 21 century and working from a cubicle is not what we all want, it’s not ideal way of life. The economy is not what it used to be, there is a huge shift all around the world. And we can say that technology and Internet are the main reason why these changes are happening, The word “work” doesn’t have to mean, 9 to 5 and having a boos all the time behind your shoulders.

If you can provide your family and yourself a comfortable income working online and working from anywhere in the world, that’s great. Because by the time you finish your education and collect all the degrees you want, you’ll probably be..lets say 24-25. By the time you figure out where to go and what to do, you’re stuck in cubicle and it owns your life and day, that’s not ideal way of living.

Forget about the Cubicle, this is an Order to Your Mind

You will probably have a good payed job, and then it’s good to have a boss,…. wait, this sentence is wrong!. No matter how much you get payed, the money you can always make more, but your lost time never, you can’t get it back. Forget about the boss and cubicle, this is an order to your mind. I’ve been in cubicle and I’m never coming back and you need to get out of it too.

You have one life and you should not be stuck in the one place, you can use your skills, take advantage of the web and earn money online from anywhere in the world. You just need a laptop, wi fi, which you can find almost everywhere and your set of skills. Heck you don’t even need to work online, you can work for offline company from the three house or bus. And you can work from home, finish the work and just send it online, if you’re good at what you do, your Skills are your Freedom and online world will just be your ticket to get one.

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I know you heard this all over the web, but you didn’t heard this, you need to follow couple of steps to prepare yourself to work from anywhere in the world. Having a boss over the web is better then having boss behind your shoulders.


First Save Money in Order to Work From Anywhere

You will need capital once you say goodbye to your cubicle, and saving money every month can help in that. Save enough to live One year without any type of job, this will give you a time to find your favorite place to work from and your new customers.

Create a Blog and Connect With People

Create a blog or website, it’s very easy, you don’t need any coding skills. Just type “WordPress” and “HostGator” in search engines and you’ll figure it all out. Connect these two and create your online peace of heaven where your future customers will have chance to contact and work with you. Use social media sites and tools like twitter, linkedin, facebook, google plus, stumbleupon and others. You’ll be amazed on how many leads you will be able to get from your followers base. They are real people like you and me, they will want to connect with you if connect to them  first.

Give Value to your Future Customers

Value is something that you need to give first in order to reach your financial freedom and work from anywhere in the world. Value can be presented in form of ebook, information, different kind of tools and many other things that can help other people in your niche.

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Charge For your Skills

When the right time comes, customers will start contacting you and asking for your services. Create your plans and pricing and continue to provide them with value. Offer discounts and be unique, never loose their trust and don’t undervalue your skills.  With time your customer base will continue to grow, stay in contact with them and develop affordable products that everyone can afford. This step is crucial in order to make your dream come true. Charging for your valuable skills will help you in living the life you want and providing your family with all the things they need.

Travel the World and Work From Anywhere in The World

This last part is the result of your hard work, the followers and customers are growing steady. Finances are good and you have some free time to decide where you need to go next. Maybe it’s the beach, or new apartment or even a boat, it’s all about you, your family is provided with everything they need, and you don’t have a boss. Take some time for yourself and your family and travel the world, work from anywhere you want, you deserved it.

Oh yes, don’t forget to stop by and say Hi to me, once you reach your dream.  🙂


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