Image courtesy of Seth Werkheiser
Image courtesy of Seth Werkheiser

There are many people that are finding that they do not have enough money to fund their retirement. There are also others that will find this to be a problem in the future. Many people do not put away enough money for their retirement and then struggle. At the moment many people are finding that their money is not going very far as their interest on their savings is so low and investments have not always performed that well either. There are things that you can do to help though.

Many people feel that once they reach retirement age, they are too old to get a job. This is not true, although employers may tend to employ younger people than older ones. It can still be worth taking a look to see if there is any work available that you would like to do as you may find that your experience helps you to get the job and you could enjoy it as well. However, if this is not the sort of work that you are looking for, then there are others way that you can approach it.

It is easy these days to do freelance jobs. You can work from home and pick and choose the work that you apply for. This can be a more fun than having to do what you are told to do! It will not bring in so much money, but could provide enough to be able to keep you going and still give you time to do other things as well. Depending on what skills you have, you should be able to find some jobs this way. There are a lot out there but they may just not pay as much as other alternatives, but it could be worth it if you are able to pick and choose and be at home.

Some people choose to make money out of a hobby to keep things fun. Perhaps by selling art and craft items that they make. This can make quite a bit of money, but you will need to find the right place to sell them so that you get the best price that you can. It can be tempting to undercharge because you want to sell things, but once you start charging a low price, it can be difficult to get the price to increase.

It may be possible that you can help out family members and earn some money this way. Perhaps do jobs around the home, cleaning or DIY, perhaps helping with childcare and things like that. Some families would do this for each other without paying, but others will be happy to and so it depends on your family. If they are already paying for help with this sort of thing, then you could perhaps offer to do it instead and receive the same pay as those that were doing it and see what they say.

Another  possibility could be to rent a room in your home. If you have a spare room then you could get a lodger or run a b&b service. This would take away some of your privacy but could make a big difference to your income and it could even be a  lot of fun meeting new people.