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Perhaps, one of the most important business tools you can’t miss in your “toolbox??? as a businessperson is a whiteboard. In matters regarding online business, or any business for that matter, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed from time to time. You can have a million things running on your mind and it might be impossible to remember your long “TO DO??? list. Whiteboards can help your small business and save you great time. If you are trying to establish online presence, regardless of whether you are a large or small business operating from home, consider getting one.

The following are ways in which a whiteboard can help you and your business grow.

Clears Your Mind So You Concentrate On the Job

Let’s face it, you cannot concentrate on what you are doing with everything buzzing around in your mind all the time. You could be thinking about hiring virtual workers, emailing clients, performing an SEO job for clients, doing a follow up on leads, scheduling appointments, having ideas for video, and many others. All these thoughts and more can be overwhelming for any one individual to remember and that is where a whiteboard or mobile whiteboard comes in handy. It helps to clear the “noise??? out of the head, allowing you to concentrate fully on what you are doing.

Instead of worrying about what not to forget, you can just mark an idea on the whiteboard the moment it pops up, get it off your mind, and get back to do whatever you were doing. Besides, you think sharply with a clear mind.

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Helps You Visualize and Set Priorities

If you have a whole bunch of things to be done, chances are that you are going to get your priorities mixed up and forget about something that you should have done about a week ago. Most people are not well organized and are poor at prioritizing tasks. However, almost everyone is great at scribbling things on a whiteboard and sorting them out in the form of a list (in order of priority or importance). The whole process is much easier when you can see it on the lockable notice whiteboard.

Whiteboards remain a favorite tool among successful internet marketers. It helps in diagramming any sale process. It is important to create a visual diagram of a sales funnel that you are planning. This could be in the form of thank-you pages, landing pages, upsells, downsells etc. You can do this using a flowchart software; however, a whiteboard always works better as you do not have to spend time figuring out how to use the software or how to apply visually attractive graphics.

Whether you are modeling a product launch or conducting project planning, you can map it all out on your whiteboard. However, you should acquire one of decent size so you do not limit yourself, or your ideas.

When you first think of an idea, it always seems great. However, after writing it down and revisiting it later, you ask yourself how you even came to think of that idea. Writing it down gives you time to think rationally about it and to evaluate how viable it is.

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Shoot Training Videos

You can use whiteboards when shooting training videos (the professor-style). Recording yourself while talking about something in front of a whiteboard or big fabric notice boards can help you draw or illustrate your points more clearly. Then, repackage them into info-based products, which you can use for various purposes such as selling, or distributing as training materials to a class you are tutoring if you are a trainer.

Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Concepts

From time to time, you get a concept or an idea in your head and wonder how it would work. Some concepts are hard to figure out (in your head) how they are going to work. However, when you put it on a whiteboard, you can be able to see how parts join to form a complete whole. The information presented visually can help you see how you can implement your idea in practical sense.

Therefore, whether you are a large business owner or a small entrepreneur just starting out but with constant distraction from ideas clogged in your head, getting a whiteboard is one of the best investments you can give yourself or your business. It is an important step to grow your business online or offline.

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