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Promoting your brand, taking care of your employees and being easily contactable are three things that’ll help you to make your organization successful. Taking care of employees is the best way to keep them engaged at work. You can bring about an amazing change in the overall efficiency of your employees and build a productive environment by promoting employee engagement in your organization.

Most employees do not take directions too well. Instead, they make their own observations and conclusions. Add to that the lack of accurate analytics in the performance management process and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. The only way to keep employees passionate about your organization is promoting employee engagement. There are a number of ways to promote employee engagement including the use of welcoming gift.

Of all the employees in companies that emphasize employee engagement, more than 80% achieve their annual performance targets. In comparison, companies that do not give due importance to employee engagement witness only 25% of their employees achieve performance goals. Furthermore, organizations that promote employee engagement achieve growth in revenue which is three times more than the revenue-growth achieved by companies that do otherwise.

By promoting employee engagement, you will be able to improve the overall performance of your organization as Increased employee engagement will result in increased productivity. Most managers and organizations believe that employees are primarily motivated by money. However, recent research reveals otherwise. According to recent studies, the things that engage employees the most are:

  • Work-life balance
  • Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Other non-financial factors
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This clearly indicates that increasing compensation isn’t the right HR strategy to improve employee engagement and ultimately productivity. For most companies, focusing solely on compensation isn’t a sustainable solution as this inevitably results in rapidly increasing employee-related costs. So, in order to drive engagement, organizations must employ other practices such as:

  • Establishing appropriate recognition and reward programs
  • Effectively communicating individual and business performance
  • Providing personal growth opportunities
  • Enabling collaboration with peers

It is important that organizations make the aforementioned practices part of their overall organizational strategy. By using the right processes and solutions, organizations will be able to promote employee engagement and increase productivity. Often, organizations find motivating employees and keeping them engaged at work as a daunting, demanding and challenging task. However, without employee engagement, organizations cannot build sustainable competitive advantages and succeed. Therefore, promoting employee engagement in your organization is extremely important.

Contrary to the popular belief, money isn’t the primary factor motivating employees to keep working for an organization. Instead, employees are motivated by little things that the organization does to keep them engaged. As mentioned earlier, things that keep employees engaged at an organization include work-life balance, supervision by managers and opportunity to take up leadership roles. By keeping the aforementioned information in mind, you can improve employee engagement, increase productivity and make your organization successful.


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