It can be really handy if we can make some extra money and particularly if we can do it from home. Being at home can be more comfortable and convenient and also fit around family activities. You can earn while you are watching TV, listening to music, supervising children and things like that, so it can be extremely flexible. There are many different things that you could do to earn money and below are some ideas.

  • Start a business – some people choose to start their own business. It can sound like a really big undertaking but you can start small and then grow. There is so much choice about what you can do it means that you can do something that will fit with your skills and abilities and be flexible around the time that you have available. You can choose to provide a service or to sell goods. You can set up your own website to do this or sell through other websites such as marketplaces designed specifically for sellers. These will charge you but as they do their own marketing and have customers that trust them, it could be worth it as you could end up making more sales through them.
  • Sell items – selling items that you won but no longer need or want can be a great way to generate some extra income. You will not have to pay tax on the income either. Most of us have some items that we no longer use and could gain some cash from, if we sold. You can choose to sell online or offline and there are many different places that you can choose from. It is worth trying to choose a site which sells similar items to what you have available as your items are more likely to sell well on those. It is worth taking some time to do some research so that you are confident that what you choose will be the right one.
  • Freelance work – it is possible to pick up all sorts of freelance work online these days. Many websites are set up to allow employers to find freelance workers. You may have to pay on these sites, but the good ones do not ask for money in advance but take a percentage or set fee from the money that you are paid, once you have completed the work, as commission. These are good sites to use, as you will not pay out anything without gaining some money for yourself first. You may also be able to pick up work on forums and other similar sites.
  • Small jobs – there are many opportunities online to pick up small jobs. These are things like completing surveys watching videos, clicking links to adverts and many other little things which take very little effort. Jobs like this do not pay lots of money but they can be a fun way to get a little bit of extra. If you do enough of them, the money will add up to mean that you could get quite a good income from it. The work is easy so it takes little skill and is therefore stress free and fun to do.