Doctor Working At Office DeskA vast majority of employers in the current job market seem to be heavily inclined towards candidates whose resumes feature degrees from foreign universities. This is primarily because studying abroad is inextricably linked with the development of key skills such as – highly broadened perspectives, flexibility, tolerance, independent thinking and leadership. Therefore, more and more students feel strongly motivated to transcend boundaries for giving a concrete shape to their career aspirations.

In the pursuit of better prospects, students end up deriving a host of additional advantages while studying abroad. Increased employability, attractive pay packages and excellent return on investment are the most crucial factors behind opting for abroad education.

The moolah mantra – a remarkably higher earning potential

The biggest advantage of studying abroad is the immense long-term financial gains associated with it. Multiple studies conducted in the past have revealed that the starting salaries of individuals who have received education abroad, are 25% higher than the salaries of those who do not possess a foreign degree. On an average, the students who have studied abroad earn $7,000 more than their counterparts, every single year. So you can easily figure out the stark difference in their total earnings over the decades of employment, in spite of being in the same profession.

Get hired a lot faster than your counterparts

Statistics suggest that individuals who have earned a degree abroad are hired within a year of completing graduation, whereas only 49% of their peers land up with jobs within the given timespan. 90% of students with abroad education are likely to get hired within a period of six months, and that too with significantly higher starting salaries!

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The leading organizations firmly believe that students with international exposure are far more competitive in nature than those without similar exposure. After earning an international degree, a number of individuals in the past have initiated revolutionary advancements in various fields in their respective countries, due to their enhanced creativity and acquired skills of innovation.

Learning new skills for superior performance

Apart from boosting one’s linguistic and communication skills, abroad education enhances the power of critical thinking for coming up with quick solutions to various problems at work. It increases adaptability and independent thinking, which happen to be the most sought after qualities in the eyes of top recruiters. Exposure to diverse cultures, moral values and beliefs in their student lives help them in dealing with the numerous demands of the corporate world and enhances credibility. In addition to increased tolerance towards ambiguity, studying abroad promotes a positive attitude, extraversion and emotional stability.

Greater degree of job satisfaction in the long run

According to research reports, there is a direct connection between pay packages and the degree of job satisfaction experienced by employees working in any sector. Since studying abroad is always associated with higher than average salaries, it automatically translates into elevated levels of job satisfaction, as well as an inner drive for better performance at the workplace.

Interacting with different groups of people during their educational programs abroad, makes it a lot easier for such individuals to adapt to different kinds of work environments, get along with colleagues and establish good rapports with their superiors and subordinates.

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Exploring new avenues of career opportunities

When students return to their own countries after successfully earning degrees from foreign universities, they also bring home loads of enriching experiences, a wide variety of interests and a list of new contacts. As a result, they often end up discovering brand new avenues of career which they had never thought of earlier!

Since foreign education focuses on practical application rather than the traditional, theory based curriculum of domestic universities, students gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience which opens up new worlds of possibilities. They are fully equipped to cater to the requirements of global businesses, and can implement the same in their own independent business ventures for maximizing profitability.

Studying abroad paves the path for all-round development

The ability to grab the attention of prospective employers in contemporary times is not just about textual learning, or fetching good grades in examinations. If you wish to stand out in the ever expanding crowd of job seekers, then you got to work towards developing a well-rounded personality and oodles of confidence, for dealing with all sorts of challenges in life.

Pursuing a degree abroad enables you to interact with students belonging to diverse backgrounds with respect to nationality, language, ethnicity and beliefs. Apart from nurturing young minds, this helps in overcoming cultural barriers and increases preparedness to work in any part of the world.



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