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The world today is becoming an increasingly difficult place in which to live. There are so many changes being made that it is difficult to keep up with everyone else. What is more the job market is decreasing all the time with vacancies becoming harder and harder to find. So, in this cut and thrust world what can the person hunting for a job do to make them stand out a bit from all the other applicants?

The worst part of applying for a job is waiting to be called for interview. What should be done once the interview date has been set? How can confidence be gained to enable the applicant to shine? After all, it is as much about the applicant selling himself as it is the company.


Interviews are stressful at the best of times and a little stress certainly is not a bad thing, but to help alleviate it a little it is important to do some research first. Turning up for interview having learned about the company and having appropriate questions ready will be a positive point in the interview process.

Expect to be asked quite near the start of the interview why the job and company are for you. The answer to this is very important as it could mean progression to the next round of the process. Simply declaring it was in the newspaper situations vacant page and looked good is insufficient.

Displaying knowledge of the company and passion for the vacancy are essential for a successful application. Declaring that the salary is attractive will terminate the interview pretty quickly, so look into the background of the company beforehand.

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Find out the aims and achievements of the company. Who the directors are and whether there are branches in other parts of the country. Absolutely any information gleaned about the company is going to be of help. Anything which displays interest will gain positive results. With the internet today there is absolutely no excuse for not researching a company, so use it.


Another good technique is to use past experience. Bring personal skills to the table and demonstrate how they can be used in this new position. A good CV which is up to date, accurate and honest is essential. Study past positions and apply skills learned elsewhere with the current application.

Attending job fairs and networking are very valuable in gaining information. Similar companies from the same industry will be present and much can be found out here. This sort of homework will really help with those killer questions. Talking to employees of similar companies is an easy way to finding things out. Never be afraid to ask, especially if it confirms why a particular company is more attractive than another.

These few tips will go some way in avoiding those awkward questions which always seem to crop up at interview. Research will benefit the applicant and will impress the interviewer. A short time spent finding out company facts could be the difference between success and failure, so conduct the research well.

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