Image courtesy of Yat Fai Ooi
Image courtesy of Yat Fai Ooi

Videos are now becoming more popular as a way of improving business. This is because it is much easier to view videos these days, with better internet connections and hosting etc. People enjoy them because they do not have to read text, they can be more fun and interesting and they can play in the background while they do other things. There are different things that you can do in order to incorporate videos into your business.

Videos on website
Some people choose to put videos on their website in order to help show their business ideas. They might use them to promote their products, explain their ideas or other things. It can help to draw attention to the site more and keep people looking at the site for longer. Some even link to YouTube videos which they did not make themselves just to emphasise things on the website or to demonstrate ideas. Some people use animations and others use films, you can choose whatever works for your business and whatever you think will work well to promote your business and appeal to your customers.

Show people who you are
A video can be a good way to show people the face behind the business. Often businesses can come across as cold corporations and even small ones may just be a business name. If you can make a video to show yourself and explain what the business is all about it can really help customers to get a better feel for the business and who you are and what you are like. Hopefully it will give a real positive impression and help people want to support the business even more.

Use videos to advertise
Some businesses will record YouTube videos in order to advertise their business. This can be an efficient way of getting a message over and much cheaper than many other forms of advertising. It can be used on the website or shared on social media to try to raise awareness of the company in a fun way.

Give to Bloggers
There are many top bloggers these days that have a big following. It can be wise to see whether they will place your video, or a link to it, on their blog so that it will get promoted. It is worth finding blogs which are relevant to your business and see whether you can get some people to support the business. You may have to offer to pay them.

Make money from YouTube Advertising
It is possible to run advertisements in your videos on YouTube. If your video is popular then it could draw in an income as well as bring attention to your business. Depending on the type of video it could be a great way to make some extra money. You may feel that advertising is not appropriate for your video as it is already promoting your business, but the choice will be up to you. It will very much depend on the nature of the video and the business.