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To be successful in the online trading world, it is essential to work with a quality online trading terminal. A good terminal should provide you with advanced features such as live charts, level II market depth, multi-asset options, direct market access and much more. However, if there is one feature that many brokers underestimate, that is the options trading simulator. When you work in fast markets, it is essential to keep up with the latest trading trends and adopt your strategies accordingly. However, you can never know for sure if a new strategy will yield the desired results, and you can’t really afford to take unnecessary risks with your capital. This is where a trader’s simulation feature comes in handy, and the ETNA trading platform provides you with the best simulator on the market.

Advantages of a trade simulator

While a trading simulator cannot completely guarantee the success of a new strategy, it will minimize most of the risks. Here are the main situations where it comes in handy:

For beginner investors

If you are a novice in the world of online trading, a simulator is a great way to gain valuable market insight. By testing your trading ideas, you will start learning how to read stock tables, how to anticipate the volatility of the market, how different strategies pay off and much more. The ETNA trading platform also allows you to connect to third parties, so that you can keep in touch with the market through your preferred news providers.

For testing and training traders

If you run your own online trading business, you need a good tool for testing the skills of your employees and also for training them and familiarizing them with your business’s workflow.

Test new strategies risk-free

This is by far the most important advantage of a trade simulator, as successful brokers need to constantly adapt and improve their strategies to stay relevant in fast paced markets.

Conduct market research

The ETNA trading platform has a wide range of tools that allow you to research the market. From historical price to performance charts and level II market depth, you will have access to all the tools that you need for conducting efficient market research.

Why choose the ETNA trading platform?

There is a wide range of trading terminals on the market, and some of them feature decent trade simulators. However, what makes ETNA stand out from the crowd is the fact it provides advanced features, without compromising the terminal’s ease of use. The platform is highly customizable to match your business identity, it is mobile friendly and data agnostic. Moreover, it features a comprehensive back office system which gives you full control of all of your trading operations.

Main features of the ETNA trading simulator

  • Mobile friendly– ETNA offers a wide range of trading apps for iOS and Android devices and each app features a trading simulator. You can download the apps from Google Play of Apple Store, or you can create a demo account directly from your mobile device.
  • Back office and OMS API –The simulator is backed by the Cloud Broker Back Office system, which gives you access to countless settings such as security databases and trading rules. It can also be used for launching virtual trading competitions.
  • Easily accessible – You can use the online trading simulator from anywhere in the world, on any browser and on almost any device. By registering online, you get instant access to the simulator, without having to download any additional plugins or make constant updates.
  • Versatile – The drag and drop interface allows you to easily customize the platform to suit your needs. You can switch between several devices and enjoy the same trading environment.

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