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The weight loss niche is a massive industry that brings in billions of dollars every year.    affiliate programs

Services such as support groups and clinics, meal delivery programs, and products such as meal replacement shakes and bars, supplements, and exercise tools make this market huge and far reaching.

Building a weight loss website featuring affiliate products and services is a great way to get in on the money-making opportunity, and one of the best ways to maximize this is through the use of coupons.

Offline coupons

Coupons are those fabulous little pieces of paper that some people gather obsessively from newspapers, magazines, and mailers because of the discounts and freebies offered on them.

They provide value to the people that use them, but are actually extremely valuable to vendors and affiliates as well.

There are many times when a potential consumer sees a coupon or special offer for an item and though they don’t intend on making a purchase before seeing that offer, the discount influences them to buy the item or subscribe to the service.

Online coupons

Many people scour their mail and local publications for coupons—but did you know that there are coupon codes offered online that allow potential consumers to take advantage of special offers from companies directly from their computers?

If you are looking for effective ways of increasing your affiliate sales on your weight loss website consider using coupon codes and offers from your vendors as a way to draw in new attention and boost your conversions.

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How do vendors use coupons?

From a vendor’s point of view coupon codes offer far more than just offering discounts to consumers. These codes can also allow them to gather statistical and demographic information which can be extremely useful for marketing.

For example, a vendor may require that a consumer put in their age, weight, and the state in which they live before using the code.

This would help them to determine where their products are the most popular and where they may want to focus future marketing efforts.

Specifically designed software can also be utilized to gather particular information from your readers when they select the coupon code that you are offering so that they can determine how effective your particular marketing efforts are.

This may lead to them increasing your affiliate percentage or providing you other offers to place on your weight loss site.

How do customers utilize coupons?

Customers use online coupon codes just as they use paper coupons. This means that when they find such a code on your weight loss website they will proceed to put this code into the website of the company the code is for, and will receive a discount for the product or service that they are purchasing.

From a consumer point of view, this offer of a discount can encourage someone to purchase something that he may not have originally but will because of the coupon code.

How to use coupons to increase the affiliate sales of your weight loss website

Financial analysts do not predict the financial climate to improve much in the coming years. This means that people will continue to look for ways to save money on the things that they want and need.

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It is common practice for consumers to search the internet to find attractive coupon codes relevant to the purchases that they will want to make.

If your weight loss website is offering such a code and the consumer finds your site during his search, the unique code or link that he uses during his purchase will identify you as the affiliate that led to the sale. You will then receive a commission.

By choosing the right diet and weight loss products for which you can offer coupon codes you can greatly increase your affiliate sales and earn a substantial living.


In my opinion, making coupon codes available on your site will drive traffic to it and encourage conversions.

Utilize ways to market your site and draw interest so that more people will have the opportunity to read your content and benefit from the coupon codes you have to offer.


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