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affiliate salesLet’s talk about Coupons shall we? We have all known how coupons have saved people in dire financial straits at one point.

If you are a person who likes to clip coupons from newspapers then you know about how big savings can be achieved with the use of couponing techniques.

With a coupon code, you become entitled to a discount for a particular good or product and this in itself is a real money saver.

In the world of online weight loss, the popularity of couponing as a marketing system has picked up significantly.

Many vendors have made their sales numbers flourish by the use of coupons and affiliate partners have also tapped into the coupon system to bring in new prospects. With the use of coupons, everyone gets a great deal. There are many ways of how a coupon can increase the affiliate sales of a weight loss website.

As a Vendor how do you benefit from Coupons?

Aside from improving your sales numbers, you can use coupons as a means to analyse your statistical data and give you critical insight when it comes to your marketing strategy. For example, as a weight loss site selling diet programs you can track how much of the coupons are used and the demographic information associated with coupon use such as the user’s gender, race and age.

If in your analysis you realize that more of your diet plans are being sold to a specific location then you can focus your advertising and marketing systems to that sector and can also evaluate why your sales are faltering in another area. Your company can use a suitable preventive and remediation plan to increase your weight loss product sales holistically with the use of coupons.

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How does couponing affect the market for 2012?

It’s theorized that within the next year, the entire world will have a huge financial crisis that will affect all markets; Banks may be expected to have a stringent credit hold and more. Taxes will definitely be at an all-time high and people will eventually be at a high rate of unemployment or take wage cuts to keep their jobs.

Luxury consumables will remain at the same price point which means that for products such as weight loss programs or diets, you need to provide some kind of compensatory means for people to afford your goods.

A coupon will improve the appeal and commodity value of your weight loss product/service. This is the reason why online weight loss and training companies like Weight Watchers and TRX Suspension Trainer offer coupons as part of their market penetration process as well as in their attempt to maintain customer loyalty.

How does couponing improve your affiliate sales numbers?


At this point it is already considered practical for a lot of consumers to search for deals that have coupon codes to lessen the amount that they pay for. If you offer coupons codes and the buyers find your site and use your links then you will gain a portion of profit from the purchase. A lot of premier weight loss products can be made into a profitable income generator with the use of coupon codes.

  1. All you need to do is fist, sign up with a major affiliate system like the Commission Junction and look through their database of weight loss merchants that provide affiliate systems through couponing.
  2. Use Google Keyword Tool to see the amount of searches a month can turn up for a particular merchant coupon. For example, if you like to promote Weight Watchers coupon then use that as your keyword search. Make sure that you garner at least a thousand monthly searchers and that it provides at the lowest a discount of 10%.
  3. Join the merchant’s affiliate network and post their link on your weight loss site or weight loss blog.
  4. Now all you need to concern yourself with is how to manage and bring traffic to your affiliate partners. You can drive traffic through guest posts, social media efforts or SEO systems that you can employ.
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Being an affiliate partner you will want to bring as many interested consumers as you can to the website. For a lot of coupon and non-coupon users it will become a treat once they figure out that they can get a significant price off by using your coupon code/ link.

So what do you think about couponing?

I have every bit of confidence in your success in using coupons for 2012. You may have a few methods of how you can maximize coupons for your weight loss site up your sleeve already. I am excited to hear about your methods and how you have become successful at them.

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