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Have you spent almost all of your childhood playing video games? Are you afraid you might now love your job because you can not take advantage of your free time in the same way you did back in the old days? Well, believe it or not, many people are afraid of the same reason. It is extremly hard to make use of your hobbies, taking into account that it is even harder to identify your passions. Thus, in case you want to be an exception to the rule, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over some of the most interesting careers for video games enthusiasts – in case you are one of them, you should know by now how great is it for you to being able to take advantage of your great passion!


  1. Video Game Artist

Do you own a notebook filled with a lot of movie characters? Did it happen for you to draw during classes and all of your teachers kep their eyes on you? Have they told you to put your sketchbook away? If so, this is the right time to take it out immediately! Once you start taking up the video game artist idea into account, you are closer to earning as much as $50,000 yearly!


  1. Audio Programmer

If you aim to gain $100,000 yearly, being an audio engineer might work perfectly for you. It is easy, interesting and on top of that – a really craved job to take up! Nothing feels as great as being an audio programmer, someone that works with voices in different games, cartoons and many more! You might see your real hobby and passions gaining wings and starting to provide you with important financial advantages!

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  1. Game Programmer

Of course, as mentioned above, a programmer earns enough to make himself proud of his passion being seen as a job! Yet, there are some things ought to be mentioned, such as the fact that a game programmer combines coding with video games – and the result is astonishing! $95,000 is the reward to his amazing work, and trust me, there’s nothing more self-sattisfying than making someone’s ideas come alive – just as the work a game programmer has to do – take a designer’s idea and turn it into a living game that is bound to be successful!


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