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There are more ways of investing money than you might think. While many people only ever consider growing their cash through bank accounts, stocks markets and other common ideas, it is worth looking at some other investment methods too. This includes a few interesting approaches you might simply have never thought about trying before now, as well as brand new ideas that are big news just now.


ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are getting a lot of publicity at the current time. They give you a chance to get involved in a new project at a very early stage. This is how new blockchain projects are funded, with investors getting a share of the cryptocurrency the platform will use.

There are hundreds of them currently on the go or else about to be launched in the near future. They promise the chance to make huge profits while also taking part in an exciting, innovative company. However, it should be pointed out that ICOs are considered a risky way to invest.

Indeed, it has been reported that close to half of all 2017’s ICOs failed. Finding a project that you believe in and that has a good chance of succeeding is the biggest challenge here.

Foreign Currency Trading

You have probably heard of foreign currency trading, which is also known as Forex. It is a kind of investment that has been popular ever since people realized that different currencies could rise or fall in value against others. However, you may not be aware of the details.

For example, one intriguing way of trading currencies is with CFDs. These are leveraged products, meaning that you speculate on the possible future value of the currencies without actually buying them.

A lot of money can be earned in this way, but it is also a fairly risky approach that can see you run up big losses if you aren’t careful. The currency markets are open around the clock and can witness significant shifts in the course of a single day.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is a fairly new type of investment that it is also worth taking a look at. Peer-to-peer lending works by connecting people who need to borrow money with those who are happy to lend it to them.

Clearly, you will only ever want to do this on a reputable, established site. If you choose wisely, you can earn regular interest on the money that you lend. You won’t earn a fortune but it can be a steady source of income.

A word of warning here comes with the fact that the FCA has warned that investors in this sort of scheme may be biting off more than they can chew. With numerous new sites popping up, it is clear that you need to research this subject carefully.

No matter what kind of investment you are most tempted by, it is essential that you do the necessary research and fully understand the risks as well as the possible benefits.

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